Nightclub Womenz, Self-publishing

18 Photos of People Who Bought My Photo Book: Nightclub Womenz

Last year, I self-published my photo book: Nightclub Womenz. The book contains photos of women I photographed in a Downtown Orlando nightclub. This includes a woman dressed as Ms. Green M&M. A Latina booty queen. Plus an early photo of rapper Cardi B.

Nightclub Womenz is my second photo book. Three Orlando Nightspots is my first.

Like the first book, I photograph the folks who purchase Nightclub Womenz. Then, I upload the pic to both Facebook and Instagram. This advertises the book.

With the first book, I was mostly taking cash. Sometimes, I took credit cards by using a PayPal app.

Now, I’m using Cash App and Venmo. Nowadays, folks don’t carry much cash.

For $10.99, Nightclub Womenz is available on Amazon. Just click right here.

Bonus: Three Orlando Nightspots still sells. It’s also available on Amazon.

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