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Latina Booty Queen Wearing a Maroon Dress

Big booty Latina with short hair at an Orlando nightclub's Latin Night.

As you can see, this booty pic is a cropped image. This Latina cutie was posing with five other people. I think. Two of the guys were friends of mine. One used to hook me up with booze all the time.

I photographed the group twice. In each shot, Latina Booty Queen posed like this.

After photographing the group, I think I showed her this pic on my camera’s LED screen. I might have zoomed in on her.

When I edit photos, I don’t normally crop portrait shots in these dimensions. Most of my portrait shots are cropped 4×6. The same dimensions of one hour photo prints.

Latina Booty Queen’s dimensions are 9×16. Turn the pic on its side, you’ll have 16×9. The same dimensions of HD widescreen televisions. 9×16 were the best dimensions for cropping out the surrounding folks.

Out of the two shots, I prefer this pic.

This picture is in the photo book Nightclub Womenz.

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