Costumes, Selective Color

David Bowie-Inspired Makeup

In 2016, after the death of English singer and songwriter David Bowie, a tribute was held at Orlando's Will's Pub. Musicians and singers performed David Bowie's music. As for myself, I read the lyrics from "Space Oddity", "Little Wonder" and "Let's Dance". Inspired by David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust days, some folks wore makeup. For those… Continue reading David Bowie-Inspired Makeup

Costumes, Selective Color

Lobster Costume

Back in 2019, I attended a live music event at Orlando's Will's Pub. Three bands performed that night: Schizophonics, The Woolly Bushmen and The Wild Tones. During the event, I ran across a dude dressed like a lobster. First, I photographed him at the event's beginning. He was sitting on a sofa next to a… Continue reading Lobster Costume

Selective Color

The Jesus at Orlando’s Will’s Pub

Some years back, an event centered around the movie The Big Lebowski. At Orlando's Will's Pub, people dressed like characters from the film. One guy dressed as The Jesus. Portrayed by actor John Turturro , Jesus Quintana was an arrogant bowling pro whose famous line was, "Nobody fucks with The Jesus." The Jesus at Will's… Continue reading The Jesus at Orlando’s Will’s Pub

Booty, Christmas, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Booty Pic of Woman on Barstool

This photo happened Christmas Eve at Orlando's Will's Pub. Her boyfriend performed in one of the scheduled bands. She took up a friendship with me. During our conversation, she wanted me to photograph her. This booty pic was her idea. Almost a year later, she found out I uploaded this pic to Facebook. Still, because… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic of Woman on Barstool


The Opening of Will’s Pub In-House Kitchen

Last week, I was asked to photograph the opening of Will's Pub new kitchen. Will's, an Orlando live band venue, was usually a booze-only spot. Yet, social distancing rules put a damper on both the live entertainment and the crowds. With fewer money spenders, Will's teamed up with local eatery Swine and Sons. The team… Continue reading The Opening of Will’s Pub In-House Kitchen