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Latina Wearing a Green Bow

This was St. Patrick's Day. I photographed this cutie twice. I always talk about taking more than one pic. There's a reason for that. I usually take two pics. I do that in case the first pic comes out crappy. In this photo's case, this is the second one. The first pic wasn't crappy. Still,… Continue reading Latina Wearing a Green Bow

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Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt

Of course, this pic happened during St. Patrick's Day. The babe in this pic showed up with two dudes. I took five pics of this group. The first was a group shot. The second was a group shot with Blondie kissing one of the dudes on the cheek. Dude was built too. Big enough to… Continue reading Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt