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Two Lucha Libre Wrestlers

During the night of Halloween 2008, I photographed a friend's Downtown Orlando event. It was held in a building's upstairs. Of course, many people were dressed up. As I photographed, I ran across two guys dressed as Mexican wrestlers. I'm talking the masks and flashy outfits. Actually, Mexican wrestling is called Lucha Libre. I only… Continue reading Two Lucha Libre Wrestlers

Selective Color

Universal Classic Monsters Jacket

One Sunday afternoon, I attended an event happening at Orlando's Will's Pub. I think it was Southern Fried Sunday, a once-a-month event containing live bands. During the event, some dude's jacket caught my eye. Iconic film monsters displayed on the back of his jacket. Most were Universal Classic Monsters. We're talking 1931 movies Dracula and… Continue reading Universal Classic Monsters Jacket

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Exorcist T-Shirt

In the past months, I had been volunteering my photographic services for Manikins. The joint exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Fridays and Saturdays are hosted by Venue 13. Goth music plays on those nights. I show up with the camera on Venue 13's theme nights. First, the nights happened once a month. Then, they happened… Continue reading Exorcist T-Shirt

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Latina Harley Quinn

During a Halloween weekend, I was photographing the nightclub's Latin Night. As I photographed, I ran across a young woman dressed as Harley Quinn. In the comics, cartoons and movies, Harley Quinn is the Joker's sidekick and love interest. Well, in the comic books, she's now Poison Ivy's love interest. Anyway, I photographed Latina Harley… Continue reading Latina Harley Quinn

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DJ at Sanford’s Celery City Craft

Last Halloween, I was walking around Downtown Sanford, Florida. Actually, it was the night before Halloween. A Saturday. On this night, folks walked around dressed in costumes. A block party happened on Sanford Avenue. There, I photographed costumed people. Soon, I left and walked to other spots away from the block party. One spot was… Continue reading DJ at Sanford’s Celery City Craft

Costumes, Selective Color

Mandaddy from Gargamel!

A few years back, a friend hosted a Surrealist party. An event inspired by the surrealist art of Salvador DalĂ­. Because the event looked interesting, I volunteered my photography services. As I photographed people dressed in costumes, I ran across longtime friend Mandaddy, lead singer of Gargamel! (The band's name ends in an exclamation point.)… Continue reading Mandaddy from Gargamel!

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Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Every year at Orlando's Lil Indies, an event centered around Prince happens. Throughout the whole evening, DJ BMF plays Prince videos and videos of artists associated with Prince. In past events, Prince impersonator Sir Jac showed up. At one event, he changed clothing several times, all dressed as Prince. This event always happens on or… Continue reading Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Costumes, Selective Color

Pirate Wearing Red Coat

Every year, the Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival happens in Sanford, Florida. Back in 2009, it started off as Talk Like A Pirate Day, an event that happens nationwide on September 19. Then in 2011, the name changed to its current title. The pirate in the photo stands in front of the now-closed Little… Continue reading Pirate Wearing Red Coat

Costumes, Selective Color

Lobster Costume

Back in 2019, I attended a live music event at Orlando's Will's Pub. Three bands performed that night: Schizophonics, The Woolly Bushmen and The Wild Tones. During the event, I ran across a dude dressed like a lobster. First, I photographed him at the event's beginning. He was sitting on a sofa next to a… Continue reading Lobster Costume

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18 Pics of People Who Bought My Photography Book: Selective Color

I recently published another photography/poetry book. It's my third one. The book contains selective color images. Selective color is when a photo is mostly black and white but still contains a little color. Below are pics from the book. To see a pic individually, click on it. As I sell a book, I usually photograph… Continue reading 18 Pics of People Who Bought My Photography Book: Selective Color