Selective Color

Mandaddy from Gargamel!

A few years back, a friend hosted a Surrealist party. An event inspired by the surrealist art of Salvador DalĂ­. Because the event looked interesting, I volunteered my photography services. As I photographed people dressed in costumes, I ran across longtime friend Mandaddy, lead singer of Gargamel! (The band's name ends in an exclamation point.)… Continue reading Mandaddy from Gargamel!

Cool T-Shirts, Ebony/Black Women, Selective Color

Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Every year at Orlando's Lil Indies, an event centered around Prince happens. Throughout the whole evening, DJ BMF plays Prince videos and videos of artists associated with Prince. In past events, Prince impersonator Sir Jac showed up. At one event, he changed clothing several times, all dressed as Prince. This event always happens on or… Continue reading Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Selective Color

Pirate Wearing Red Coat

Every year, the Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival happens in Sanford, Florida. Back in 2009, it started off as Talk Like A Pirate Day, an event that happens nationwide on September 19. Then in 2011, the name changed to its current title. The pirate in the photo stands in front of the now-closed Little… Continue reading Pirate Wearing Red Coat

Selective Color

Lobster Costume

Back in 2019, I attended a live music event at Orlando's Will's Pub. Three bands performed that night: Schizophonics, The Woolly Bushmen and The Wild Tones. During the event, I ran across a dude dressed like a lobster. First, I photographed him at the event's beginning. He was sitting on a sofa next to a… Continue reading Lobster Costume

Selective Color, Self-publishing

18 Pics of People Who Bought My Photography Book: Selective Color

I recently published another photography/poetry book. It's my third one. The book contains selective color images. Selective color is when a photo is mostly black and white but still contains a little color. Below are pics from the book. To see a pic individually, click on it. As I sell a book, I usually photograph… Continue reading 18 Pics of People Who Bought My Photography Book: Selective Color

Selective Color

Two Mermaids

In 2019, I photographed Beer 'Merica for Orlando Weekly. Actually, it was another photographer and I. Yet, it was my photos that were shown in an online gallery. Over 100 craft beers are featured in this annual event. During my photographing, I ran across these two women dressed as mermaids. I used a flash when… Continue reading Two Mermaids

Selective Color

Macy’s Balloon in Orlando Pride Parade

Every year in Downtown Orlando, a Gay Pride Parade happens. Of course, because of Covid-19, it didn't happen in 2020. I took this pic in 2019. This was before the parade started. I took many pics that day. Yet, this one stood out. I guess I was influenced by the Thanksgiving Parades broadcasted on television… Continue reading Macy’s Balloon in Orlando Pride Parade

Latinas/Hispanic Women, Selective Color

Latina Wearing Pajamas

Last year, a pajama party happened at my job. I didn't dress up, but my Venezuelan co-worker did. She and I worked in the same area. During breaks, some of us go outside. It was during a break when I took this photo. My Venezuelan friend no longer works with us. Just last month, she… Continue reading Latina Wearing Pajamas

Selective Color

The Jesus at Orlando’s Will’s Pub

Some years back, an event centered around the movie The Big Lebowski. At Orlando's Will's Pub, people dressed like characters from the film. One guy dressed as The Jesus. Portrayed by actor John Turturro , Jesus Quintana was an arrogant bowling pro whose famous line was, "Nobody fucks with The Jesus." The Jesus at Will's… Continue reading The Jesus at Orlando’s Will’s Pub

Redheads, Selective Color

Redhead Mohawk Woman

For a while, I would always see this young lady at Wally's, an Orlando dive bar. One night, I happened to have my pro-camera, the one I use for photographing nightclubs. After seeing the tattoo on the side of her head, I couldn't resist photographing her. Usually, I photograph people twice. I practice that in… Continue reading Redhead Mohawk Woman