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Booty in a Cage

I’ll be honest. When I first started photographing in Downtown Sanford, I didn’t expect to get good booty pics. Because I don’t want locals getting butthurt, I’ll keep quiet on why I thought that. This pic happened last Saturday. Manikins hosted a Halloween event. During the night, I ran across this cutie in the cage.… Continue reading Booty in a Cage


A Black Riddler

Here’s a pic that will piss off the anti-woke crowd. You know the type. They get upset when traditionally white characters turn ethnic, usually Black. It was another night at Manikins in Sanford, Florida. This pic happened towards the end of the night. On previous nights, I had photographed the brotha before. When I saw… Continue reading A Black Riddler


Brunette Holding Blowup Doll

Every Saturday night, Manikins hosted sex doll nights. Around twelve, sex dolls were thrown out onto the dance floor. Zebras and other blow up animals are thrown onto the dance floor, also. One night, I noticed a brunette on the dance floor, a person I had photographed before. Along with the other folks on the… Continue reading Brunette Holding Blowup Doll

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Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar

The title says Latina. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Indian. Or a non-Hispanic biracial woman. I saw her in here before. This is at Manikins in Sanford, Florida. The first time I noticed her, she wasn’t wearing leather pasties. A shirt covered her breasts. This night was different. I was hesitant at… Continue reading Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar


Hurricane Ian Floods Sanford’s Lake Monroe

Last month, Category 4 Hurricane Ian raged through Florida. I live in Sanford, Florida. Nothing bad happened to the house I currently live in. The morning after the hurricane, my uncle Linwood drove us to the riverfront. As he video recorded with his phone, I took mostly photos with my mine. Days later, I drove… Continue reading Hurricane Ian Floods Sanford’s Lake Monroe


Blonde Blowing Christ Image

Good ol’ alcohol. It makes you do crazy things! Things like simulating a blow job on a Jesus Christ image. That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago at Manikins located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. On a small stage, there exists a stripper pole. Plastered on a wall, a Christ image exists next to the stripper… Continue reading Blonde Blowing Christ Image

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Redhead with Demon Wings

Last Friday night, I was photographing at Manikins Lounge again. Manikins locates in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Fridays are the nights patrons dress up, from goths to cosplay folks. Towards the end of the night, I photographed the young lady in the photo. On previous nights, I had photographed her before. She comes to the place… Continue reading Redhead with Demon Wings

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Ebony Booty and the Devil

Two weeks ago, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge. The place is located in Sanford, Florida. I think the theme night was Angels and Demons. Fetish happened that night also. The whipping post is usually inside. This night, I saw it outside on the back patio. Sometime during the evening, the Ebony booty in the… Continue reading Ebony Booty and the Devil

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Jesus Christ Behind Two Women on a Stripper Pole

One night, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge again. Manikins is located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. During the evening, I ran across these two women on the stripper pole. Normally, I don’t photograph stripper pole women without their permission. These two gave me the OK to photograph them. I forgot how many pics I took.… Continue reading Jesus Christ Behind Two Women on a Stripper Pole