Brazilian Women

Brazilian Woman Wearing Black Bra

I had just entered Manikins in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Suddenly, a woman with an accent wanted me to photograph her. As I took a few pics, the woman took her shirt off, revealing her black bra. She was with an American dude. I think he asked where can he see the pics. I don’t remember.… Continue reading Brazilian Woman Wearing Black Bra

Girls Night Out

Five Young Women Posing Near a Stripper Pole

Last night, I was photographing in Manikins, a Downtown Sanford bar. During the night, I saw five young ladies posing near the bar’s stripper pole. Dudes were photographing them. I asked one of the guys do they need a pro photo. “Go right ahead, man,” he said. I took two photos. I liked the second… Continue reading Five Young Women Posing Near a Stripper Pole


Beer on Booty

Recently, I photographed an Orlando festival. Earlier, I photographed two women in black. Later on, one of them recognized me. When I photographed a Downtown Orlando nightspot, she was one of the bartenders. Actually, she’s in a previous blog called Three Cute Girls Partying in a Bar. She’s on the left. So, after photographing two… Continue reading Beer on Booty

Bikinis, Boobs, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

Some years back, I used to photograph pool parties. These Orlando events included DJs playing breaks dance music. I ran across this Puerto Rican cutie at the last event. Actually, I ran across her several times before at previous events. Sometimes, I saw her at events held in Downtown Orlando nightspots. On this day, I… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

Various Races of Women

75 Multicultural Photos of Orlando Nightclub Women

These pics are from the following Orlando Nightclubs: Aero, The Beacham, The Patio, The Social and 64 North. During the weekends, I am hired to photograph these places. Update: I don't work at the Beacham no more. They fired my ass! Enjoy the pics. To see a pic individually, click on it.