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29 Creepy Instagram Pics

I swear, I experience the most darkest moods. Don’t worry, I ain’t the type of “artist” who cuts his own ear off. Sometimes when I experience those dark moods, songs like “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” … Continue reading

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Was Told My Blog Got Folks Fired!

Last night, I walked into a Downtown Orlando Subway. I noticed one of the security guys from The Beacham, my old photo job. I had no problems with the employees. My beef was with the owners. The employees didn’t fire … Continue reading

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39 Orlando Nightlife Booty Pics

Because friends and fans know me for booty pics, I figured what the hell.  Might as well make a blog with nothing but booty pics. I might lose Facebook friends behind this.  I might even scare off potential romantic interests…as … Continue reading

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A Crappy Bus Ride to Work (A Short Story)

As he waited at the bus stop, Greg watched the dark clouds move across the morning sky. He hoped and prayed it wouldn’t rain. At least, not before the bus arrived. At some bus stops, shelters existed for folks to … Continue reading

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50 Orlando Nightclub Photos Containing Various Races of Women

Located in Downtown Orlando, The Beacham Nightclub plays hip hop both on Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays are Ladies Night. Ladies get in free all night. Dudes get in free before 11 PM. Sundays are Latin nights. I think for about … Continue reading

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Photos and Interview of Orlando Artist Morgan Steele

Recently, I received word Orlando artist Morgan Steele died in an auto accident. You can check out his artwork…here. He was a dear friend of mine.  Every time I posted something on Facebook, he had a crazy answer for it.  … Continue reading

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When Naysayers Said My First Play Wouldn’t Get Produced

“White people won’t produce it,” one person said. “Hey, man, these dudes are cussing,” another person said. This is what folks said after reading a few pages of my first play “Blades”. Black characters called white people “crackers” and “peckerwoods”. … Continue reading

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