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Three Pics from Downtown Orlando’s Beth’s Burger Bar

Friday, I read an Orlando Weekly article saying Beth’s Burger Bar was closing its downtown location. After finishing nightclub photography gigs, I would head to Beth’s burgers. Over the years, I took the following iPhone pics there. One night, I … Continue reading

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Nightclub Latina Posing on Stairs

This one is another personal favorite. She has the same birthday as my Grandma Eva, December 25. On Latin Nights at an Orlando nightclub, she always hung around another girl. I could never forget this face.

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Light-Skinned Black VIP Girl

Before this cutie became a bottle girl, she used to work in the lobby.  I forgot what her duties were. I just remember her working at the entrance. This was at an Orlando nightclub I used to photograph.

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Smiling Nightlife Redhead

This was at Orlando’s 64 North, a downtown spot. If I remember correctly, she was with three other people, another woman and two guys. Yet, I enjoyed photographing her solo.

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Three Nightlife Latinas: Full Body Pic

For the record, I hate photographing full body pics, especially in nightclubs. Many times, there’s just not enough room for them. Yet, because they want to show of their outfits, some nightclub patrons demand them.  Still, despite my annoyance about … Continue reading

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Six Smiling Nightlife Asian Girls

If there’s one thing I kick myself in the ass for, it’s not photographing enough Asian cuties. I ran across these six young ladies at The Patio, an Orlando nightspot.

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Three Ladies Sitting in a Rooftop Bar

I forgot all about this pic.  Didn’t think nothing of it until I searched my pic files one day. How could I forget these three young ladies? This was at Aero, an Orlando rooftop bar.

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