Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Black Sexy Booty

I forgot all about this booty pic. I recently found it. I featured my dear Capricorn friend before. In that photo, she wears a cross on her back. On this pic's night, I first took two photos of Miss Sexy. These were side shots as she faced me. Next, her and another dancer posed with… Continue reading Black Sexy Booty


12 White Booty Pics

When it comes to booty, it's now time to feature the white girls. All pics take place in Orlando, Florida. Some pics are from the early 2000s. Others are present day. Some are film pics. Others are digital pics. Some ladies are pawgs (phat ass white girl). Some aren't. Most I have featured before. Just… Continue reading 12 White Booty Pics

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

6 Latina Booty Pics

Out of all the ethnicities, I get more views for Hispanic women. I especially get more views for Latina booty pics. Because of that, this blog post shall focus on the Latina booty. All photos take place in Downtown Orlando. Plus all photos have been shown on previous blogs. Just visit my booty category. To… Continue reading 6 Latina Booty Pics

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Mi Vida Loca Tattoo

In a Downtown Orlando spot, an artist friend was having an art opening. Throughout my time there, I kept looking at a dark haired woman. In all honesty, I was looking at her big booty. On her right cheek was something that looked like a musical note. I didn't have a camera. Yet, I did… Continue reading Mi Vida Loca Tattoo

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black Lingerie

Earlier in the night, two ladies would dance in the nightclub's lobby. Both danced solo on top of wooden platforms. One woman danced on the left. Another danced on the right. I forgot how long they danced. Yet, eventually, they moved on to dance on the nightclub's stage. Many times, I photographed them during their… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black Lingerie

blondes, Booty, Brunettes

Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

In 2001, I used to sit in front of a nightspot called Alpha Bar. The joint was located in Downtown Orlando. As I sat in front of Alpha Bar, I photographed the people walking by. Usually, I photographed women. I was still using film. More than likely, it was the cheap Polaroid 400. On one… Continue reading Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Ebony Burlesque Booty Pic

Every year in Orlando, the art event Nude Nite happens. On this particular night, I tried bringing my camera in. Nope, cameras were not allowed. That was okay. I still had my iPhone. With my buddy Kelvin, I watched this young lady perform burlesque. I forgot her name. With the iPhone, I took six shots… Continue reading Ebony Burlesque Booty Pic

Various Races of Women

Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls

Back in the early 2000s, I used to hang out at Knock Knock. Knock Knock was a nightspot located in Downtown Orlando. At the time, I still photographed using film. I hadn't moved onto digital photography yet. Once a month, Shine Salon hosted School of Hard Knocks. During these events, women dressed as Catholic School… Continue reading Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls

Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Big Booty Blonde Black Woman

I don't know if this really classifies as a booty pic. Usually, in a booty pic, the woman poses the booty right at you. Booty pic or not, look at that magnificent backside. During my nights working at this nightclub, I always ran into this young lady. She seemed like a nice person. I never… Continue reading Big Booty Blonde Black Woman