Asian Women, Selective Color

Pouring Long Island Iced Tea

In a previous blog, I featured this Half-Korean beauty before. At the nightclub I used to photograph, she was always one of my favorites. Always smiling and knew how to pose for the camera. This photo is in my book Selective Color. Available on Amazon.

Christmas, Selective Color

Bad Santa at Orlando’s Lucky Lure

Over the years, I have been following Central Florida's Bad Santa and the Angry Elves. The band is... You know what? I'll borrow from their Facebook page: "A badass-one-of-a-kind-punk-rock-Christmas-extravaganza, that blends a rock show set list of holiday mash-ups and reworked punk classics with comedy and theatrics to create a full blown interactive holiday experience."… Continue reading Bad Santa at Orlando’s Lucky Lure

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Women Sitting Backstage

In this nightclub, DJs are on a stage. I ran across these two ladies behind the DJ area. The one on the right used to work for the nightclub. I photographed the ladies twice. The first pic contains a head and shoulder shot. The second contains full body. For this blog post, I prefer the… Continue reading Two Black Women Sitting Backstage

Ebony/Black Women

Three Dancers Wearing Camouflage

Because today is Veterans Day, I decided to upload these sexy dancers wearing camouflage. All three danced at the Downtown Orlando nightclub I used to photograph for. Two of them have been featured in previous blog posts. The woman in the middle was featured dressed as an angel. The woman on the right was featured… Continue reading Three Dancers Wearing Camouflage

Ebony/Black Women

Black Woman Sitting Backstage

On the nightclub's stage, behind the DJ, some folks sit at pub tables. That's where I met this smiling cutie. I forgot how many photos I took. Also, I can't find the original file for this pic. More than likely, I photographed her twice. In case the first photo screws up, I usually photograph at… Continue reading Black Woman Sitting Backstage

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Hugging on Dance Floor

Someone had told me the nightclub's previous photographers never went on the dance floor. I never understood that. I thought a nightclub photographer was supposed to photograph everything and everywhere of the place. Anyhow, if I did what previous photographers did, I would have never ran across these two cuties. I took two photos of… Continue reading Two Latinas Hugging on Dance Floor

Ebony/Black Women, Halloween

Three Sexy Halloween Pics

On this Halloween Day, I decided to present these three sexy photos. They were taken during my nights as a nightclub photographer. All three have been posted in previous blogs. Also, all three are in my coffee table book Nighclub Womenz. You can click on the book's link right here. To see a pic individually,… Continue reading Three Sexy Halloween Pics

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Women in Nightclub Lobby

I ran across these two beauties in the nightclub's lobby. I think I might have photographed one of them before. At this moment, I don't remember. I took three pics. The first two pics were full body. Another woman was in the third pic. The third pic was also full body. For this blog post,… Continue reading Two Black Women in Nightclub Lobby