Ebony/Black Women

Curvy Black Woman Wearing Green Dress

I ran across this beauty on the nightclub's stairs. During this moment, I photographed her twice. Both pics included her two friends. The second pic is what you see on this blog post. In this pic, one of the friends wasn't looking at the camera. The other one was. Still, I didn't like the whole… Continue reading Curvy Black Woman Wearing Green Dress

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Waiting Outside Nightclub

As I photographed for the nightclub, I would sometimes go outside. There I photographed people in the wait line. During one of those outside moments, I ran across these two. I recognized the blonde. On other nights, I had photographed her before. I usually take more than one pic. I do this in case I… Continue reading Two Latinas Waiting Outside Nightclub

Ebony/Black Women

Smiling Black Woman Wearing Chains

On this night, I photographed this ebony beauty six times. Two of them were of her alone. One was with her and two friends. The last three were her and one of the security guys. As for the photos of her, I first photographed a full-body pic. Next, I photographed from the knees-up. I like… Continue reading Smiling Black Woman Wearing Chains

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Women Posing on Stairs

On this night, I was walking up one of the nightclub stairs. These stairs lead to the balcony area. On the way up, I ran across these two cuties. Normally, I take two photos. I do this in case the first photo screws up. Yet, for some reason, I took one photo. I'm not complaining.… Continue reading Two Black Women Posing on Stairs

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Girls Dressed in Yellow and Red

In this nightclub, DJs play music on a stage. Patrons hang around various spots centered around the DJs. On the stage is where I found these two cuties. I took two pics. In the first pic, Miss Yellow Dress posed with her whole body aimed at me. In the second pic, she gave me side… Continue reading Two Black Girls Dressed in Yellow and Red

Ebony/Black Women

Pretty Black Girl Wearing Glasses

In this nightclub, I have seen this cutie several times before. Most of the time, I saw her with a friend. I always loved the way she sported her hair. She wore it natural. Also, I enjoyed seeing her beautiful smile. On this blog, I had spotlighted women wearing glasses before. One posed on the… Continue reading Pretty Black Girl Wearing Glasses

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Sexy Latina Wearing Black

This pic is one of my all-time favorites. The black outfit outlines this cutie's body well. I took this pic during the nightclub's Latin Night. Before this pic, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black and her friend. I photographed them twice. Next, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black solo. I don't know if she requested… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Black

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

This pic happened at a Downtown Orlando nightclub. It was during one of the Latin Nights. A rapper performed as women danced on the stage. If I remember correctly, it was a contest. These two were tied. I forgot who won. In a past blog, I featured the cutie on the right before. That pic… Continue reading Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage