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Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black Lingerie

Earlier in the night, two ladies would dance in the nightclub's lobby. Both danced solo on top of wooden platforms. One woman danced on the left. Another danced on the right. I forgot how long they danced. Yet, eventually, they moved on to dance on the nightclub's stage. Many times, I photographed them during their… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black Lingerie

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Sexy Dancer Wearing Glasses

She danced at the Orlando nightclub I used to photograph for. Nice woman. When I uploaded her pics to Facebook, many folks fell in love with her. Normally, she doesn't wear glasses. Yet, sometimes, I love seeing sexy women wearing glasses. If I remember correctly, the dancer is half-Black and half-Italian. Also, I think she's… Continue reading Sexy Dancer Wearing Glasses