Pennywise Posing in Front of Jesus

One night, Manikin's Lounge hosted a costume contest. Manikin's is located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. As usual, I was volunteering my photographic services. I do this almost every weekend. One of the costumed folks was dressed like Pennywise, the demon clown from the 2017 movie It. Adapted from Stephen King's novel of the same name.… Continue reading Pennywise Posing in Front of Jesus

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Booty Pic Wearing Denim Jeans

For the past several months, I have been volunteering my photo services to Manikin's Lounge in Sanford, Florida. Towards the end of the night, two Hispanic women walk in. They were with other folks. Yet, I focused mostly on the two women. One of them said hello to me. I didn't think anything of it.… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic Wearing Denim Jeans

Cool T-Shirts, Selective Color

Exorcist T-Shirt

In the past months, I had been volunteering my photographic services for Manikins. The joint exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Fridays and Saturdays are hosted by Venue 13. Goth music plays on those nights. I show up with the camera on Venue 13's theme nights. First, the nights happened once a month. Then, they happened… Continue reading Exorcist T-Shirt