Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Black VIP Girl Pointing at the Booty

I always loved the woman on the right. She knew how to instigate a good booty pic. In fact, she instigated a booty pic I used for a book cover. When the Trinidadian beauty leaned on the bar counter, I guess Booty Instigator and I were thinking the same thing. For the astrology folks, I… Continue reading Black VIP Girl Pointing at the Booty


Big Booty Jewish Girl

Oh, where do I begin? I think at the now-closed Knock Knock in Downtown Orlando. Usually, I don't mention names. Yet, I don't think Jen would mind. I always saw Jen at events hosted by mutual friends. Some events were at Knock Knock. Others were parties at Shine Salon. For a while, I considered Jen… Continue reading Big Booty Jewish Girl

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women, Nightclub Womenz

Latina Booty Pic of a Nightclub Dancer

She danced for a few months at the nightclub. I don't know why. Yet, for some reason, I remember her horoscope sign as Leo. I could be wrong. She had a charisma about her. It showed in the photos. Everyone else called me Patrick. She called me Pat. That softened my insides. On this night,… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic of a Nightclub Dancer