Latinas/Hispanic Women

Face Paint and Arm Tattoo

Recently, I photographed a Downtown Orlando event. After the event ended, I noticed these two young women. I asked could I photograph them. They agreed. I took three photos. What you see in this blog post is the third pic. Also, it was the last pic I took for the event. Unfortunately, the event organizer… Continue reading Face Paint and Arm Tattoo

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Smiling Latina Wearing Sunglasses

Some months back, I was photographing an Orlando beer festival. The event took place near Lake Ivanhoe. During my photographing, I ran across the attractive Latina in this photo. This is the second pic. Previously, I photographed her and her friends. One of her friends was a dude. On this blog, I rarely post dude… Continue reading Smiling Latina Wearing Sunglasses

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black

Last weekend, I ran across two Latinas. They were with two dudes. I was photographing at Manikin’s, located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. I photographed the two women as they posed near the bar’s stripper pole. I photographed them twice. What you see on this blog post is the second pic. No disrespect to the other… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic Wearing Black

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Hugging on Dance Floor

Someone had told me the nightclub's previous photographers never went on the dance floor. I never understood that. I thought a nightclub photographer was supposed to photograph everything and everywhere of the place. Anyhow, if I did what previous photographers did, I would have never ran across these two cuties. I took two photos of… Continue reading Two Latinas Hugging on Dance Floor

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Backstage

Like the title of this blog post says, I ran across these two lovelies backstage. To reach the DJ stage, you walk through a short hallway. The hallway leads you to some stairs. The stairs lead up to the stage. I ran across these two near the bottom of the stairs. Being a middle-aged photographer,… Continue reading Two Latinas Backstage

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Four Cute Latinas in Nightclub

In the nightclub, the DJ area locates on a stage. Surrounding the DJs are various VIP spots. Near a VIP spot is where I found these four cuties. I might have photographed at least two of them before. Yet, I really don't remember. I only took one photo of this group. Heck, that's all I… Continue reading Four Cute Latinas in Nightclub

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Near Dance Floor’s Edge

Usually, during nightclub photo gigs, I photograph people twice. I do this in case the first pic screws up. Yet, on this night, I photographed these two young ladies seven times. Yep, you read it right. I photographed them seven times. The first two pics contains five other people. Then, the woman in red posed… Continue reading Two Latinas Near Dance Floor’s Edge

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas in Nightclub Balcony

On this night, I was photographing folks in the balcony's VIP sections. Before walking down the stairs, I ran into these two cuties. I took two photos. The first photo contained their body's facing the stairs. As the one wearing the green shirt stood behind the one wearing the white top, they both looked at… Continue reading Two Latinas in Nightclub Balcony