Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Near Dance Floor’s Edge

Usually, during nightclub photo gigs, I photograph people twice. I do this in case the first pic screws up. Yet, on this night, I photographed these two young ladies seven times. Yep, you read it right. I photographed them seven times. The first two pics contains five other people. Then, the woman in red posed… Continue reading Two Latinas Near Dance Floor’s Edge

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas in Nightclub Balcony

On this night, I was photographing folks in the balcony's VIP sections. Before walking down the stairs, I ran into these two cuties. I took two photos. The first photo contained their body's facing the stairs. As the one wearing the green shirt stood behind the one wearing the white top, they both looked at… Continue reading Two Latinas in Nightclub Balcony

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Kissing Another Latina on the Cheek

I might catch hell for this pic. Why? I shall explain. First, I took two photos of these two cuties. Both photos were full body. Actually, there were three women involved. Also, in the second pic, some douche bag was in the background photo bombing. So, I focused around these two women you see in… Continue reading Latina Kissing Another Latina on the Cheek

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Holding Blue Drinks

I ran across these two at the nightclub's bar counter. I photographed them twice. The first pic was dark. Stuff like that is why I usually take two pics of people. Because the first pic might screw up. The second pic was just right. Still, I didn't like seeing the dude on the right. So,… Continue reading Two Latinas Holding Blue Drinks

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Latinas Waiting Outside Nightclub

As I photographed for the nightclub, I would sometimes go outside. There I photographed people in the wait line. During one of those outside moments, I ran across these two. I recognized the blonde. On other nights, I had photographed her before. I usually take more than one pic. I do this in case I… Continue reading Two Latinas Waiting Outside Nightclub

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Cute Latinas on the Dance Floor

Here's something I found unusual. I don't know if this happens on other Latin Nights. Yet, I sure enough witnessed it on this Latin Night. I don't why this happened. Yet, on this nightclub's Latin Night, people didn't start dancing until 12 AM. Every week this happened. One night, I asked one of the DJs… Continue reading Two Cute Latinas on the Dance Floor

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

This pic happened at a Downtown Orlando nightclub. It was during one of the Latin Nights. A rapper performed as women danced on the stage. If I remember correctly, it was a contest. These two were tied. I forgot who won. In a past blog, I featured the cutie on the right before. That pic… Continue reading Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage