Latinas/Hispanic Women

Cute Latina Leaning Against Railing

The cutie in this pic was hanging with one of the nightclub's DJs. Earlier in the evening, I photographed her twice with him. They were standing behind the DJ's setup. Towards the end of the night, I photographed the cutie by herself. I only took one pic. Normally, I take at least two photos of… Continue reading Cute Latina Leaning Against Railing

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Cute Latina Wearing Black Tank Top

I always saw this cutie on Latin Nights. For most of the time, I photographed her either on the dance floor or near it. Sometimes, I photographed her with friends. The nightclub itself locates in Downtown Orlando. Yet, I later found out our cute friend is originally from Chicago. On this night, I only took… Continue reading Cute Latina Wearing Black Tank Top

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Sexy Latina Wearing Black

This pic is one of my all-time favorites. The black outfit outlines this cutie's body well. I took this pic during the nightclub's Latin Night. Before this pic, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black and her friend. I photographed them twice. Next, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black solo. I don't know if she requested… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Black

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

This pic happened at a Downtown Orlando nightclub. It was during one of the Latin Nights. A rapper performed as women danced on the stage. If I remember correctly, it was a contest. These two were tied. I forgot who won. In a past blog, I featured the cutie on the right before. That pic… Continue reading Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

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Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

Back in the 2000s, pool parties took place at a Downtown Orlando hotel. I only attended a few. At one event, I became fast friends with some dude. As I stood in a balcony, he approached the woman in the pic. He spoke some words to her. Then, he pointed up at me. I had… Continue reading Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

Bikinis, Boobs, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

Some years back, I used to photograph pool parties. These Orlando events included DJs playing breaks dance music. I ran across this Puerto Rican cutie at the last event. Actually, I ran across her several times before at previous events. Sometimes, I saw her at events held in Downtown Orlando nightspots. On this day, I… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

Ebony/Black Women, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

A stage exists in the nightclub where these two VIP women worked. A DJ booth sits on this stage. Also, VIP areas exist around the DJ booth. That's where I photographed these two. First, I took solo shots of them. I photographed the bottom woman (Puerto Rican and Dominican) first. Then, I photographed three shots… Continue reading Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Latina Booty Pic in White Shorts

This photo happened during Latin Night. The young lady seemed full of happy energy. Instead of me asking can I photograph her, I think she asked me first. Or something like that. I could be wrong. First, she walked in front of her friends. With her friends, she gave me this pose. I wasn't expecting… Continue reading Latina Booty Pic in White Shorts