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Hot Latina Wearing Carolina Panthers

This was during Super Bowl 50. It was the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos. Sundays was the nightclub's Latin night. The sexy lady in the pic danced those nights. Actually, she's Latin and Italian. Previously, I included a photo of her in a Christmas blog. For those that don't know, the Broncos beat the… Continue reading Hot Latina Wearing Carolina Panthers

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Cute Black Girl and a Cute Latina in a Nightclub

This photo took place during the Orlando nightclub's Latin Nights. For all I know, the Black girl could be Hispanic also. She was the only Black one in her group. I think the rest were Hispanic. I couldn't resist photographing her. Oh yea, check out the nose earring on her friend behind her. This pic… Continue reading Cute Black Girl and a Cute Latina in a Nightclub