Bikinis, Booty

Smacking Bikini Booty

Last month, I attended a bikini contest in Sanford, Florida. Because I wasn't the hired photographer, I took my pocket camera instead. The action you see in the photo happened towards the contest's end. The winner wasn't announced yet. The young lady wearing shades continued smacking the other woman on the booty. Liking what I… Continue reading Smacking Bikini Booty

Ebony/Black Women, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

A stage exists in the nightclub where these two VIP women worked. A DJ booth sits on this stage. Also, VIP areas exist around the DJ booth. That's where I photographed these two. First, I took solo shots of them. I photographed the bottom woman (Puerto Rican and Dominican) first. Then, I photographed three shots… Continue reading Black and Latina VIP Women Praying


Two Blondes Praying

On other nights, I had photographed the young lady at the bottom before. Once on Facebook, I uploaded a photo of her and a brunette. I captioned the pic #whitewomenmatter. Yet, she's actually half-Hispanic. On this night, a third blonde was these two. First, I photographed two group shots of all three women. I forgot… Continue reading Two Blondes Praying

Flipping the Bird

Another Flipping Off The Nightclub Photographer

Boy, do some people enjoy flipping off the nightclub photographer. Sometimes, we deserve it. Yet, this incident always had me confused. Or maybe, I'm just remembering it wrong. Okay, I think I approached the cutie on the left first. Then, I asked permission to photograph her and her friend. I think the woman on the… Continue reading Another Flipping Off The Nightclub Photographer

Flipping the Bird

Flipping Off the Nightclub Photographer

I just love pics of people flipping me off. So, what did I do to deserve this? I really don't remember. Yet, I have an idea. More than likely, I aimed the camera at the two young ladies without asking. I usually don't do that. Still, I probably did it this night. Many nightclub folks… Continue reading Flipping Off the Nightclub Photographer

Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Black Sexy Booty

I forgot all about this booty pic. I recently found it. I featured my dear Capricorn friend before. In that photo, she wears a cross on her back. On this pic's night, I first took two photos of Miss Sexy. These were side shots as she faced me. Next, her and another dancer posed with… Continue reading Black Sexy Booty


Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

Normally, I don't photograph candid photos. At least, not like I used to. Still, I couldn't resist photographing this scenario. On this night, I photographed patrons as usual. As I continued photographing, I noticed these two on my right. They were at the edge of the dancing area. More like in the corner of the… Continue reading Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Black VIP Girl Pointing at the Booty

I always loved the woman on the right. She knew how to instigate a good booty pic. In fact, she instigated a booty pic I used for a book cover. When the Trinidadian beauty leaned on the bar counter, I guess Booty Instigator and I were thinking the same thing. For the astrology folks, I… Continue reading Black VIP Girl Pointing at the Booty


Booty on Bar Counter

In the middle is my friend Tanya. The location is Knock Knock, a now-closed Downtown Orlando spot. Once a month, at Knock Knock, Shine Salon hosted an event called School of Hard Knocks. During these events, women dressed like catholic school girls. School of Hard Knocks happened at Knock Knock in the early 2000s. This… Continue reading Booty on Bar Counter

Booty, Costumes, Halloween

Booty and Cruella de Vil

This photo dates in the early 2000s. It might be 2003. I'm not sure. A friend was hosting a Halloween after-party. I forget what event we had left. So, on this night, I was using an Olympus Camedia, my first digital camera. After photographing other costumed folks, these two posed for me. Both Pink Shorts… Continue reading Booty and Cruella de Vil