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Which State is More Racist? Florida or Texas? Results May Shock Floridians.

Recently, I read the book Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. In the book, the author explains how Trump may have won the 2016 Presidential race.  The areas that Google-searched “nigger” the highest were the same areas that voted for Trump. … Continue reading

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Celery City’s Racist Ghost

In August 2012, African-American Terrance McNeil was traveling from Greenville, South Carolina to Orlando, Florida. Before reaching Orlando, he stopped in the small town of Celery City, Florida. On the Internet, he had read about Celery City’s friendly residents and … Continue reading

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Lake Jackson’s Riverfront Ghosts (A Short Story)

“How long are you staying?” the hotel clerk asked him. It was an elderly white guy who wore glasses.  Also, the guy owned short white hair. “Two nights,” Terrence said. Terrence noticed the pause on the clerk’s face. “Something wrong?” … Continue reading

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Lost in Downtown Orlando (A Short Story)

On a Saturday night, Alyssa’s older brother Paul was driving down Orlando’s Interstate 4. Paul owned medium-brown skin and wore short dreadlocks. Next to him sat his girlfriend Cheryl. Cheryl owned light-brown skin and wore blonde extensions that touched her … Continue reading

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50 Orlando Nightclub Photos Containing Various Races of Women

Located in Downtown Orlando, The Beacham Nightclub plays hip hop both on Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays are Ladies Night. Ladies get in free all night. Dudes get in free before 11 PM. Sundays are Latin nights. I think for about … Continue reading

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Ricky: The Rat Who Became Florida’s Governor

One day, Ricky the Rat decided to run for Florida Governor. Many of his rat friends were taken aback. “But you’re a rat,” one said. Ricky ignored them. Soon, he gathered other rats who did believe in him. Next, in … Continue reading

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