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Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

In 2001, I used to sit in front of a nightspot called Alpha Bar. The joint was located in Downtown Orlando. As I sat in front of Alpha Bar, I photographed the people walking by. Usually, I photographed women. I was still using film. More than likely, it was the cheap Polaroid 400. On one… Continue reading Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

Various Races of Women

Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls

Back in the early 2000s, I used to hang out at Knock Knock. Knock Knock was a nightspot located in Downtown Orlando. At the time, I still photographed using film. I hadn't moved onto digital photography yet. Once a month, Shine Salon hosted School of Hard Knocks. During these events, women dressed as Catholic School… Continue reading Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls