Girls Night Out

Three Nightlife Smiling Cuties

I almost didn't post this picture. See that douchebag in the back? He's between the brunette and the blonde on the right. In my humble opinion, him looking at the camera almost ruins the damned picture! Almost. Still, no person can deny the cuteness of these three young ladies. I took two photos. The first… Continue reading Three Nightlife Smiling Cuties

Nightclub Womenz

Hot Blonde and Brunette in a Downtown Bar

This was near the bar's entrance. If I remember correctly, the blonde was the more talkative. She was trying to position the brunette for a pose. I think that's how I went. The first pic didn't come out too well. So, this was the second one. This picture is from the photo book Three Orlando… Continue reading Hot Blonde and Brunette in a Downtown Bar