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Sanders Supporters Pull the Jew Card

Yesterday on Facebook, my friend Billy Manes posted an article painting Bernie Sanders supporters in a bad light. According to the article, a New York Times reporter was receiving death threats from Sanders supporters. Here was my first comment.   … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Sanders and Trump Crowd?

I’m having a hard time noticing the difference between a Bernie Sanders crowd and a Donald Trump crowd. Here’s a Trump rally.  Notice the lack of diversity? Some may say Trump’s message appeals to bigoted white racists.  This may explain … Continue reading

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Meme Shows a Pandering Hillary Clinton Dressed as Prince

Today on Facebook, I saw a meme showing Hillary Clinton dressed as Prince.  Then, the meme insinuates Clinton would dress as Prince to gain black votes.  One of my Bernie supporting friends posted it. For real? You’re going to use … Continue reading

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In Orlando, Why Didn’t Sanders Place Ads on Black Radio? But Clinton did.

During a late afternoon drive, 94.5 FM played on the car’s radio. 94. 5 is an Orlando classic soul station. The music usually dates from the seventies to present day. During this drive, I heard a Hillary Clinton advertisement. Narrated … Continue reading

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