Signed Photo Books for Sale!

Okay, I am going to try something new. I am selling signed copies of my photo books.

First one is Three Orlando Nightspots.

The Amazon description: “For several months, Patrick Scott Barnes photographed three Downtown Orlando nightspots. Besides containing photos of women, the book also contains poetry dealing with grief over a mother’s death, a broken romantic relationship, high blood pressure and the life of a nightclub photographer.”

Here’s some sample pics.

My second book is Nightclub Womenz.

The Amazon description: “How does one pass time during the Covid-19 pandemic? During these times, Patrick Scott Barnes creates a photo collection of nightclub women. For two and a half years, Barnes photographed a Downtown Orlando Nightclub. He photographed both hip-hop and Latin nights. These photos are from that experience. Some women are VIP Bottle Ladies. Some are dancers. Some are bartenders. Of course, some of the the women are patrons. The book also includes poetry. The poems explores fat dudes judging big women, fooling social media friends and breaking a love addiction.”

Here’s some sample pics.

Both books are $10 plus $5 for shipping. That’s $15 in all! Outside of US add $10 shipping. For Non-USA buyers that’s $20 in all. Make payments at my PayPal account. Plus leave mailing address. To access my PayPal, click here.