Smirking MAGA Hat Kid Claims Somebody Called Him a “Cracker”

I’m sure most people have seen it. I’m talking about the video starring the smirking MAGA hat wearing kid. He was smirking at a Native American elder as him and his buddies wore MAGA hats.

Nick Sandmann, the kid, has now spoken out.

Some Black Hebrew Israelites aimed verbal nastiness at them. According to Sandmann:

The protestors[sic] said hateful things. They called us “racists,” “bigots,” “white crackers,” “faggots,” and “incest kids.” They also taunted an African-American student from my school by telling him that they would “harvest his organs.”

Now, I don’t condone calling someone a faggot, racist, incest kid. Yet, when you’re wearing a MAGA hat, how do you not expect a confrontation? If you can’t comprehend my question, you’re part of the problem.

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Pics from City Girls’ Outrageous “Twerk feat. Cardi B”

Right about now, this funk soul brother is supposed to be editing photos for a recent photo gig. Yet, this is a booty emergency. Blame the booty distraction on the white man. My white buddy Jason Mosley alerted me to the video of City Girls’ “Twerk featuring Cardi B.”

After seeing that video? Laaawwwd Ha’mercy! I ain’t never seen so many twerking booties in one video.

I decided to screenshot parts of the video from YouTube. Somebody might sue my ass, but fuck it!

These pics aren’t photo sharp. Yet, I got some good ones. To look at an individual pic, you just click on it.

Enjoy! The actual video is posted at the bottom. No pun intended.

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Aging Pretentious Artist (a poem)

 Middle-aged undiscovered artist.
Still wondering why
the less talented received all the breaks
and they didn’t.
Flashback to their twenties.
Wouldn’t listen to constructive criticism.
Dismissed current popular artists.
Called their work garbage.
Years pass by.
Still arrogant.
Still a know-it-all.
Still won’t listen to constructive criticism.
Still dismissing current popular artists.
Still calling artists' work garbage.
Bitterness and anger worsen over the years. 
It’s everyone’s fault. 
The world is against them.

Now middle-aged and still undiscovered.
If only the world recognize their artistic genius.
Thinking that and still holding on
to behavior that fucked them in the first place.
Eventually dies in poverty.
Dies still bitter and angry. 
Dies a damned fool.

Artwork by The People Speak.

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The Booty Pics Month

So far, last month is my biggest moment for booty pics. All of this came as somewhat a surprise. Yet, some folks said it was my reputation proceeding me. All of it happened in Orlando.

First, it started during the last week in November. At The Imperial at Washburn, these two ladies bought my photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots.

On another night, I saw the group Bad Santa and the Angry Elves at The Hideaway. I was hesitant to ask Tushy Elf for a booty pic. Yet, when I asked anyway, she was all for it.

During a photo assignment for Orlando Weekly, a dear friend offered me a booty pics pose. For the record, she’s African-American.

Another night, I photographed in a studio for the first time.

On another night, I attended another Bad Santa event. This was at Will’s Pub. Here, another woman volunteered a booty pose.

Last but not least, another friend volunteered a booty pose at Lil Indies. The focus screwed-up on this one. Fuck it, I’ll post it anyway.

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Female Democrats Calling President Trump a “Bitch” and a “Motherfucker”!

One of the things that has always pissed me off about Democrats is that they never talk enough shit. As the Republicans both voice and show their nastiness, Democrats usually play nice.

Fuck that! Things have now changed! First, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) called President Trump “Saudi Arabia’s bitch”. Next, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) called Trump a “motherfucker”. Seeing that Tlaib is from Detroit, her calling someone a “motherfucker” does not surprise me.

It’s about damned time! I never forgot that congressman who yelled out calling President Obama a liar. This was during one of President Obama’s speeches.

It’s time to stop playing nice! Time to take off the kiddie gloves. Time to take off the earrings. Okay, Democrats, let’s get ready to rumble!

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Pics of my First Studio Photo Shoot

Last month, I was the second photographer for a fetish shoot. This was for Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion.

As the main photographer photographed the models, I was more of the closeup person. This is why the two models aren’t looking at me.

Being I want to learn studio photography, this is why I volunteered as the second photographer.

Here’s the pics.



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