Alcohol-Induced Blackout (a poem)

Two Women Having Fun at Orlando's 64 North

One week night at Orlando’s 64 North, a friend was celebrating his birthday.
He hired me for my photography services.
As I photographed, I downed shots and beer all night.

I remember the evening’s first half.
The second half of the evening?
I only remember bits and pieces.

On the drive home from 64 North, I found myself cruising through a neighborhood I didn’t recognize.
Don’t even remember how I got there.
Don’t even remember the streets I turned to get there.
Yet, I managed to find the exit out of the neighborhood.

The next morning?
Saw photos on my camera I don’t remember taking.
Photos taken during the second half of the night.

Looked at my mobile phone.
Saw a selfie I don’t remember taking.
Me posing with a female bartender.

Had never spoken to her before.
Yet, there we were in a selfie cozying up to each other.
May I also add I might be old enough to be that girl’s father?

After that night, I tried laying off the booze.

Of course, that shit didn’t last long.

This is an excerpt from the photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots. Copies can be purchased on Just click right here.

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Selling the First Four Copies of My New Book on Orlando’s Mills Avenue

Last night, I walked down Orlando’s Mills Avenue. First, I met some friends at St. Mathews. At this spot, I sold the first two copies of my new book Three Orlando Nightspots, a book containing nightlife photos of partying women and poetry.

For $10.18, the book is now available on To order your copy, just click here.

Also, Orlando website Bungalower wrote an amusing article about Three Orlando Nightspots.

Next, I walked to Lil Indies for DJ BMF’s night. Every Friday, BMF plays old school funk, soul and hip hop.

Next, I walked to Wally’s. For the record, I was drinking Diet Coke all night.

After Wally’s, I walked back to St. Mathew’s. There, I sold another book.

Anthony Bonilla of Anthony's Eats and Treats at St. Matthew's Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden

My final stop was back at Lil Indies. Thru my friend Joshua, I met the extremely talented photographer Alicia Lyman. To see what I mean by talented, go to Alicia’s website.

After showing him my merchandise, Joshua bought Alicia a copy of my book.

Photographer Alicia Lyman at lil indies in Orlando, Florida

Originally, I planned on selling two books tonight. Yet, selling four surpassed my goals.

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Orlando’s Bungalower Accuses Me of Promoting Bro-Culture

After sending editor Brandon O’Conner a press release and a PDF of my upcoming book, Orlando website Bungalower wrote an article about the book and me. Actually, Brandon wrote it.

When it comes to Orlando’s culture and other things involving the community, Bungalower is on the scene. In fact, Bungalower is one of Orlando’s most important websites.

Also, when I blogged Orlando Culture Shock, Bungalower would link readers to the blog.

Given  the nature of  Three Orlando Nightspots, I didn’t think Brandon would write about it. Remember, Bungalower is a well-respected website.  “Quality people”  rely on Bungalower for knowing the community’s happenings. They read Bungalower for quality art scenes, food truck events, local politics and local restaurant news.  Looking at that, I really didn’t expect a book containing pics of partying women would attract Bungalower’s attention. No, Three Orlando Nightspots is not for elitist quality folks. Actually, it caters more to pervs than quality bonafied people.

Yet, Brandon blogged about it.

Bungalower and Three Orlando Nightspots Pic What he wrote cracked me up laughing.  Here’s some quotes from the article.

“The work features a collection of sometimes disturbingly candid photographs of women drinking alcohol…”

“While the photographs, juxtaposed alongside Barnes’ poetry, read as entitled or misogynistic, they manage to capture a quasi-disconcerting side of Downtown Orlando nightlife that is often overlooked…”

This is what he said about two of my previous books.

“..both of which carry through his Male Gaze/Objectifying Observer aesthetic.”

Disturbing pics? Entitled? Misogynistic? Objectifying? I’m sorry. I think that shit is funny. Even though I may not agree with those words, they really didn’t shock me. Given the nature of my work, I was expecting comments like Brandon’s.

What caught me off guard was this line.

“Barnes has been a part of documenting and promoting the Downtown bro-culture and drinking scene for years…”

A part of promoting bro-culture?! When I think of bro-culture, I think of loud, obnoxious, drunk, white dudes. Looking at it now, I realize I do sometimes photograph bros, bros of all backgrounds and races.  Also, nightclubs I photographed for do cater to bros. Especially when they show advertisement containing drunk college girls.


Yes, I can see where advertisement like this caters to women, and not bros. Also, I guess women patrons enjoy seeing half-naked VIP bottle girls.

Oh no, that ain’t catering to bro-culture. (For the record, I am rather proud of my booty pics.)

I ain’t offended by the article.  I just never associated my photography and documenting with bro-culture.

Also, for the record, Brandon mentioned after my contributions to Downtown Orlando’s bro-culture and drinking scene, I was fired for uploading this pic containing a drunk bro of color.

The Beacham 7-14-2017 227

In the Bungalower article, Brandon uploaded the Three Orlando Nightspots PDF. Also, he added a link where you can download the PDF free. Just click right here.

After all of Brandon’s talking shit about my book, I found out how many views the PDF actually received.

Bungalower's Brandon O'Conner and Three Orlando Nightspots Free PDF

Let’s get a closer look.Bungalower's Brandon O'Conner and Three Orlando Nightspots Free PDF

Most of my blogs don’t receive that many views within two days.   Even most of my YouTube videos don’t gain that many views, especially not within two days.

Yet, after reading words like “misogynistic” and “objectifying”, folks still looked at the book.

This leads me to an important decision. Three Orlando Nightspots is going to have a Kindle version. Unlike the physical book, the eBook version is something a reader can hide on their Kindles. As the eBook version hides on their Kindle, nobody would know nor suspect the church-going conservative is reading work by a bro-cultured Negro.

So, I’m a part of promoting and documenting bro-culture. I’m still laughing about that shit.

A huge thanks to Bungalower for the blog. Let’s boogie.

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Free PDFs of Upcoming Photo and Poetry Book

Three Orlando Nightspots Book Cover Blog Version

My new self-published book Three Orlando Nightspots will soon be available on Amazon. The book contains photos of nightlife women and poetry.

Three Orlando Nightspots sample

At the moment, I’m giving away free PDF versions of the book.  To get the free version, send me a message to this e-mail address:

I only ask one thing. If you like the PDF, tell your friends, relatives, etc. You can even e-mail  them a copy of the PDF.  Even if you don’t like the PDF? You can still tell folks why you hate it.

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10 Central Florida Halloween Photo Portraits

Halloween is among us. During one of my favorite holiday seasons, I photographed portraits of costumed folks with my mobile phone. Actually, I used the iPhone 5 my brother gave me over a year ago.

After photographing, I used the free Snapseed app, the best damned photo app out there. At least, they understand my dark and Gothic vision.

Enjoy the pics.

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29 Creepy Instagram Pics

I swear, I experience the most darkest moods. Don’t worry, I ain’t the type of “artist” who cuts his own ear off.

Sometimes when I experience those dark moods, songs like “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” starts playing inside my head. Sometimes, music by Tricky and Portishead play inside my mind also.

Many times, those dark moods work to my advantage. I put those moods in my pics and poetry.

Because it’s Halloween month, I decided to showcase my creepy Instagram pics. A few may not be as creepy. Yet, I think they fit the mood.

Many nights, I used to walk around alone in the Orlando area and photograph with my iPhone’s camera. I don’t do that much nowadays. Yet, I think I just might return to that hobby.

Enjoy the pics.

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Mathew Mosher’s Amazing 9mm Gun Plasters

To be honest, I can’t stand guns, especially after some idiot killed a buddy of mine with one. That fool was eventually slapped on the hand with manslaughter.

Despite my feelings towards guns, I couldn’t deny the beauty in Mathew Mosher’s 9mm gun plasters. I spotted them on display at The Gallery at Avalon Island., located in Downtown Orlando.

Created during residency at Arizona’s Sculpture Space, the work is a reaction to gun violence.

As for the rest of Mosher’s bio, I’m feeling lazy. Fuck it, I’ll borrow lines from his web page.

“Boston native Matthew Mosher is an intermedia artist and mixed methods research professor who creates embodied experiential systems. He received his BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 and his MFA in Intermedia from Arizona State University in 2012. While in Phoenix, Arizona he co-founded the non-profit [nueBOX] residency program for emerging performance and installation artists. Currently, he is an assistant professor of digital media specializing in interaction design at the University of Central Florida. Mosher exhibits his work across the United States, and internationally in India, China, and the Netherlands. His research is published in the ACM Computer-Human Interaction, Tangible Embodied Interaction, and New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference proceedings. His public installations, dynamic performances, and experiential systems bridge the physical and digital worlds by mixing new media, sensing technology, relational aesthetics, computer programming, collaborative practice, and traditional sculpture processes. When taking a break from teaching and research, he enjoys observational astronomy, dispersed camping, and jewelry design.”

With my camera phone, I photographed the plaster displays at Avalon Island. The plasters are originally white. Yet, the lightening changed some of my pics to an orange color. When I attempted changing some pics to black and white, I wasn’t too happen with them. So, I left them alone.

Anyway, enjoy!

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