Another Video of Orlando Nightclub Security Fighting

Last year, I posted a blog containing video footage of nightclub security beating a guy. This happened at Orlando’s The Beacham. Because of that blog, folks got fired.

For those that don’t know, Beacham fired me over a pic I uploaded on Facebook.

Well, guess what?  Recently, another person videotaped Beacham security hitting someone.

Orlando Beacham Security Punching a Dude

Let’s play the video.

I’ll be honest. I borrowed the video from a Facebook post. If the person wants credit, they can get in contact with me and I’ll give it to them.

On that same Facebook post, I saw these troubling comments.

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security 2

Comment About Orlando Beacham Security 3

As for charging people to smoke, could this be why Beacham didn’t want me photographing “blunt-like” images?

Orlando's The Beacham-Hennessy, Money and Weed

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What Does Author Raymond Chandler and Rapper Too Short Have in Common?

One night, I watched a YouTube interview of Too Short, one of my all time favorite rappers.

Too Short on VLADTV

Most people know Too Short for his x-rated rhymes and the word “beee-itch”. He was saying “beee-itch” before other rappers started saying it.

The interview was on VLADTV, a hip hop channel I watch all the time.  Somewhere in the interview, Too Short talked about embracing cassettes.  I remember cassettes in the 1970’s.  Yet, they really didn’t  really take off until the 1980’s.

Too Short wanted the bass to boom in people’s cars. As most musicians still focused on vinyl, Too Short created his music for cassettes.   Embracing cassettes hugely benefited Too Short. From Born to Mack to You Nasty, Too Short’s albums either went gold or platinum.

Too Short’s embracing cassettes reminded me of late author Raymond Chandler.

Raymond Chandler 2

In his book Perennial Seller, Ryan Holiday talks about Chandler’s embracing paperback books. New to the publishing scene, many authors and publishers thought paperbacks would kill the book industry.

Yet, Chandler saw an opportunity.  In the beginning, as hardcovers, his first novels sold a few a thousand copies. As paperbacks, Chandler’s novels sold in the hundred thousands. In decades to come, they would sell in the millions. With books priced at twenty-five cents, Chandler reached an audience who probably couldn’t afford the hardcover versions of his novels.

Now, I see what Too Short and Raymond Chandler have in common. Both threw away traditional methods and gained success.  With Too Short, instead of vinyl, it was focusing on cassettes. With Raymond Chandler, instead of hardcover, it was embracing paperbacks.

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36 Pictures of Ebony Orlando Nightlife Women

Because it’s Black History Month, I’ve decided to group some of my ebony pics together. Most are from my nights photographing for Orlando’s Beacham Nightclub.  Plus in previous blogs, I  posted these pics with women of other ethnic backgrounds Still, in this post, we focus on chocolate.


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Five Quick Reasons Oprah Should Run for President

oprah winfry and audience

Recently, there’s been talk about Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey running for President. Some folks say she should.

Haters say she shouldn’t.

I think she should run for President. Here’s five reasons why.

1. For better or worse, people already know Oprah: As Bernie Sanders ran for President, my late mother pointed out one flaw. She didn’t know who he was. Was that her fault? No, it was Sanders’ fault. If you want people to vote for you, you should reach out to them. Maybe, this is why Sanders suffered terribly among minority voters.

Just like minority voters knew where Hillary Clinton stood, they are also aware of where Oprah stands. Which goes into the next reason.

2. Oprah is a Democrat: For the past years, she always supported Democrat Presidents. Usually, under a Democrat, the economy has been good.

3. Oprah is a successful business person: Folks always ran off at the mouth about Trump being a successful business person.  They claimed this was the reason Trump should be President. Being  a successful business person means Trump could handle running the country. So, doesn’t being a successful business person make Oprah qualified?

Actually, Trump was born into a rich family, meaning he already had the money to start a business. Plus Trump has a history of bankruptcies.

Yet, Oprah rose from poverty and became one of the richest people in the world. I agree with Trump supporters. Anybody who knows about money should be trusted with handling the country’s economic affairs. Yet, I’m backing Oprah on this.

4. Oprah is an American citizen: When Obama was President, the right continued calling the man a foreigner. Yes, his father was Kenyan. Yet, Obama was born in the States. He even showed his birth certificate. Still, the right wouldn’t shut up. They continued calling Obama a socialist foreigner.

As for Oprah’s case? If being several generations Mississippian ain’t American, some folks are just being silly. Or racist. The lady is an American citizen. Being an American citizen makes Oprah qualified for President.

5. White women love Oprah: One of the huge reasons Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump? White women. Just like I mentioned in a previous blog, the majority of white women voted for a man who bragged about groping women.

Look at Oprah’s audience. Yes, you see diversity. Still, among the diversity, you see white women.

If white women love Oprah, she can’t lose.

These are my opinions and I’m sticking to them. Readers are free to express their own opinions in the comments section below.

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Trump Mistress Stormy Daniel’s Steamy Instagram Photos

Porn Star Stormy Daniels allegedly had an affair with President Trump, something she denies. As of this writing, the thirty-eight years old Miss Daniels- birth name Stephanie Clifford-denies receiving $130,000 in hush money about the affair.

And get this, the affair supposedly happened less than four months after President Trump’s wife Melania birthed their son, Barron.

Okay, enough of that. Here’s pics from Stormy Daniels’ Instagram. Enjoy.

Oh yea, for those who care, make sure you do check her Instagram. It shows her tour date and she might be coming to your state and/or city.

Alright, enjoy.

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Are Conservatives More Attractive Than Liberals?

Yesterday on Facebook, my friend Libby Bear posted an article stating conservatives are more attractive than liberals. Actually, the article was quoting a scientific study by Rolfe Daus Peterson and Carl L. Palmer, a study published on the Cambridge University Press website.

Here’s a photo of me, a proud neo-libtard.

Blogger Patrick Scott Barnes AKA Stone Crazy

Photo by Todd Wandell

I am not ashamed to say I believe Hillary Clinton would have made a damned good President. Also, I  believe in Affirmative Action and women should be paid the same as men. Plus I have no problems with undocumented workers. Why?  Because my ass ain’t getting out in the hot sun picking vegetables, especially in crops full of dangerous pesticides. So, undocumented workers can enjoy the work as I remain inside enjoying the cool air-conditioner.

Okay, the last pic was too dark. Here’s another photo of me.

Blogger Patrick Scott Barnes AKA Stone Crazy Holding a Camera

Photo by blogger King Bob of

I never claimed to be good-looking. In high school, I never got the chicks. Many times,  I still don’t.

Yet, science has told me why: I don’t get the chicks because I’m an unattractive libtard. I can live with that scientific fact. Why? Because the scientific study says so. Also, scientific studies can’t be biased. Oh no, being biased is what the liberal media does.

To prove how ugly I am, I decided to search for a sexy conservative who’s around my age. That would be aged forty-something. In my search, I found the sexy Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz

According to science, all the ladies are creaming their panties over this hot Latino conservative stud.

According to science, Ted Cruz is muy guapo.

Ted Cruz 2

Well, at least, science has told me why I can’t get the chicks. It’s because I’m a libtard.

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Conservative Personality Tomi Lohren Sporting Trump Socks in Instagram Pic

First of all, I can’t stand this racist little shit. After Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, Blondie here went on a rant attacking Beyoncé and Black Lives Matter. Also, I can’t see how any woman would support a man who bragged about groping women. Yet, the majority of white women voted for Trump.

Yet, who gives a fuck about what I think. So, here’s an Instagram pic of Miss Lohren wearing socks with Trump’s name on them. Enjoy.

Tomi Lohren wearing trumps socks

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