10 Ways To Fight Hate

In the previous blog, I posted about driving to The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida. In front of an audience, various panelists discussed free speech versus hate speech. Laying on empty chairs was a sheet of paper. I posted the first side in the previous blog. Here’s the second side.

10 Ways to Fight Hate 001

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13 Principles For How We Treat Each Other

Yesterday, I drove to The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida. In front of an audience, various panelists discussed free speech versus hate speech. The following is a paper I found laying on the empty chairs.

13 Principles for How We Treat Each Other 001

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Orlando’s Ritual: A Cool Night of 80s New Wave, Goth and Industrial Music

Ritual Thursdays

Yea, I know this video pic is blurry.  I needed a visual for the blog.

For the past few Thursdays, I’ve been attending Ritual at Orlando’s Vinyl Arts Bar. Every Thursday night, along with a guest DJ, Will Roc plays 80s new wave, goth, industrial and indie music. As I know some of the music, this really isn’t my scene. Lately, I’ve been hanging around house music events. Still, Will Roc has always been one of my favorite DJs.

When I first started attending Ritual, only a few folks showed. Yet, the night is slowly building.

Last Thursday, I saw folks wearing ninja masks, furry animal costumes and goth clothing. I’m behind times. I’m used to seeing Mohawks and black clothing. The costumes and masks threw me off.

Patrons were ages twenty-something to forty-something. A few folks might have been older.

Some patrons I recognized from 80s new wave/punk nights at Independent Bar. Sometimes, I run into friends I know from Wally’s and the now-closed Peacock Room.

Looking at the costumes and masks, I wanted to bring out my DSLR camera. Yet, I had something else on my mind. So, as I sat at the bar and listened to the good music, I uploaded female nightclub pics on my phone to Instagram. (My friend Christa caught me uploading a booty pic.) With the owner’s permission, I might take photos one night.

Vinyl Arts Bar is located on 75 E. Colonial Drive. A tattoo spot is beside it.

Even if this isn’t your scene, I recommend attending Ritual, anyway.

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Was Told My Blog Got Folks Fired!

Orlando's Beacham Security Guys Beating Patron 2

Last night, I walked into a Downtown Orlando Subway. I noticed one of the security guys from The Beacham, my old photo job. I had no problems with the employees. My beef was with the owners. The employees didn’t fire me, the owners did.

As he ordered and paid for his meal, the security guy wasn’t giving me eye contact.

After being fired twice before from jobs, I expected that. After being fired, some ex-coworkers avoid you like the plague.

When he walked out, I waved at the security guy. Yet, he continued walking.

Let me remind you, this Subway exists across the street from The Beacham. Yet, after attending Downtown Orlando’s Third Thursdays Art Walk, Subway was the best option for dinner. Because it contains low sodium, the chicken breast sub with wheat bread and Swiss cheese is good for my high blood pressure. So, that’s why I was across the street from the Beacham. It was for health reasons, not because I miss the place.

“Pat,” I heard the security guy say.

I turned and he brought up the blog I posted about Beacham’s security beating a guy. According to him, five people were fired because of that blog. He talked as if I was supposed to feel sorry for them. I didn’t.

Truth be known, I wasn’t even aware the Beacham knew about the blog.

Also, the security guy told me the patron took out two people. I couldn’t see how that small guy took out two big dudes. Or maybe I heard that wrong. Still, I know what I saw on video, two big dudes beating the shit out of one small patron.

Oh yea, the original person who shot the video said the guy wasn’t doing a damned thing. Yet, again, I wasn’t there. I repeat, what I saw was a video of two big dudes beating the shit out of one small patron.

I’m going to hand Beacham the benefit of the doubt. Even without my blog, they probably would have fired those guys anyway. Yet, if my blog hadn’t existed, there was the possibility folks wouldn’t have been fired …and wound up beating another patron.

If they got fired because of my blog, this proves blogs effectiveness. Sometimes, they get results.

I have no sympathy for those who got fired. That could’ve been me, one of my friends or one of my relatives they were beating on. Folks got what they deserved.

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A Week in Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs

One day back in May, I continued coughing Previously, I had what I thought was either bronchitis or just a bad cold. Whatever it was, it continued lingering on. First, I thought it was going away. Then, the symptoms came back stronger.

The coughing was so bad, I couldn’t sleep. Reluctantly, I drove to the emergency room of Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs.

Found out I had pneumonia.  Not only that, they found high blood pressure, gout and bad cholesterol.

After that experience, I never want to see another fucking hospital room again. I spent a whole week in that motherfucker. Plus they kept draining blood from me. That itself was a pain because sometimes folks had a hard time finding the right vein. Some nights, in order to find the proper vein, a needle was stuck into my arm about three to four times.

After I somewhat healed, I was released. Yet, the next day, I wound up back into the hospital. Because my prescribed medication caused severe drowsiness, an ambulance picked me up from home and took me back to the hospital. This time my medication was reduced.

During my stay, a revelation hit me. For the majority of my life, I spent more time trying to please other people instead of focusing more time on myself. Not taking care of myself is how my ass wound up in the hospital.

Of course, things have changed now. No more dealing with narcissistic folks who think the world centers around them.  The only thing they’re good for is sucking your energy from you.

Below are some cellphone pics. Enjoy!

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39 Orlando Nightlife Booty Pics

Because friends and fans know me for booty pics, I figured what the hell.  Might as well make a blog with nothing but booty pics.

I might lose Facebook friends behind this.  I might even scare off potential romantic interests…as if my love life was all that spectacular in the first place. Right about now I don’t give a flying fuck about people’s opinions.

The following  pics contain Orlando nightlife women. Share the blog with your buddies if you like. This one is for my fans. Enjoy!


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Pics of Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser 7-29-2017

Two Saturday’s back, I attended Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser. Mister Pierre’s Fetish was raising funds to attend the upcoming Fetish Con in September. 

Enjoy the pics.



Lita Laroux.


Lexi Katt.

Auroura Fable.

That Broad. (Art in the background by Kelvin Arias.)

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