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Drinking with a Cracker (A Short Story)

With his brown skin and long dreadlocks, Frankie realized he stood out among the white bar crowd. Yet, he didn’t give a damn. As he sat alone at the bar counter, the only thing Frankie cared about was enjoying his … Continue reading

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Living the Edward Scissorhands Lifestyle

Spoiler Alert: If you never watched the movie Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp, don’t read this blog. I never forgot the ending to Edward Scissorhands. In the end, he lived alone creating art, carving ice sculptures as he lived alone … Continue reading

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When Naysayers Said My First Play Wouldn’t Get Produced

“White people won’t produce it,” one person said. “Hey, man, these dudes are cussing,” another person said. This is what folks said after reading a few pages of my first play “Blades”. Black characters called white people “crackers” and “peckerwoods”. … Continue reading

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Meme Explaining Why You Should Support Authors

Today on Facebook, I spotted a meme posted by New Bizarro Author Series. It tells how much money authors really make.  Plus it explains why  you should place reviews on Amazon. Meme created by Tall Poppies.

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You Finished Writing Your Book. So Fuckin’ What?

For someone who used to be shy around the opposite sex, I sure did pick the wrong project to work on. After my fearing rejection from the opposite sex, I choose to pick a project that may cause far worse … Continue reading

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Notes from my Book Editor

Last week, I received notes from Christoph Paul, my book editor. Also, I talked to Christoph on the phone. Currently, I am working on my novella Booty Holocaust.. Thinking she’s going to a Posterior Reduction Facility, African-American Stacey Weaver finds … Continue reading

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