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Trump Supporter Compares Trump’s Bigots to Black Lives Matter…and Booty!!!

Recently on Facebook, I got into with Trump supporters. One of them compared bigoted Trump followers with Black Lives Matter… and booty. Because a Trump supporter complained about my screenshot not showing the whole conversation, I decided to post the … Continue reading

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Another Video of Orlando Nightclub Security Fighting

Last year, I posted a blog containing video footage of nightclub security beating a guy. This happened at Orlando’s The Beacham. Because of that blog, folks got fired. For those that don’t know, Beacham fired me over a pic I … Continue reading

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Conservative Personality Tomi Lohren Sporting Trump Socks in Instagram Pic

First of all, I can’t stand this racist little shit. After Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, Blondie here went on a rant attacking Beyoncé and Black Lives Matter. Also, I can’t see how any woman would support a man who bragged … Continue reading

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Free PDFs of Upcoming Photo and Poetry Book

My new self-published book Three Orlando Nightspots will soon be available on Amazon. The book contains photos of nightlife women and poetry. At the moment, I’m giving away free PDF versions of the book.  To get the free version, send … Continue reading

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Pic of Drunk College Girls

I know. I should move on. Stop letting anger get the best of me. Yet, I saw this pic in my newsfeed.  Don’t be fooled. The same people who fired me for posting a pic of a drunk dude own … Continue reading

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Video of Orlando Nightclub Security Beating a Dude

Today, my buddy Jimmy Lebron Facebook messaged me. The message contained videos of security guys beating the shit out of a patron. Where was this at? Orlando’s Beacham Nightclub. The same place that fired me for posting a pic of … Continue reading

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Port Orange Man Sells $23 Water During Hurricane Matthew

Of all the fucking nerve! As Floiridians are scared shitless of Hurricane Matthew,  Randy Day of Port Orange decided to exploit the situation. According to his Facebook post, he bought cases of water, a huge amount. Not only that, he … Continue reading

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