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Story Introduction to Nightclub Womenz: a photo and poetry book

The following is the introduction to Nightclub Womenz, my latest photo book containing a few poems. For $10.99, the book can be purchased on Amazon. To purchase, click here. As of this writing, the whole world is experiencing the Covid-19 … Continue reading

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Standing Out (a poem)

Rather stand out. Hate trying to be like everyone else. Too damned boring. Too damned restrictive. Too damned time-consuming. Too damned stupid. Some folks judge you anyway. Always finding the cracks in your sidewalk. Rarely saying anything positive about you. … Continue reading

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Ex-Flame’s Faith in God (a poem)

Out on an evening date. Ol’ Girl tells me about God. Says God was going to send her the right man to marry.   Years pass. Mutual friend tells me Ol’ Girl got married.   More years pass. Another mutual … Continue reading

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Spider-Man’s Racial Identity (a poem)

Second grade. Forgot how it went. Think it was during music class. White classmate said he was Spider-Man. Then, I said I was Spider-Man too. Or something like that. Classmate said Spider-Man wasn’t black. I do remember that part.   … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Creature (a poem)

Nocturnal. Definition? People who are active at night. A word I learned recently about myself.   Studies describe nocturnal people as smart and creative. (Well, I’ll get back to you on that one.) Studies say nocturnal people lag in academics. … Continue reading

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Ass for Days (a poem)

Can’t stop looking at my co-worker’s big ass.  Trying to be a gentleman to her. Trying not to see her as a sex object.  Trying to see her as just another co-worker. Still can’t stop looking at that big ass. … Continue reading

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Unemployed During Coronavirus Pandemic (a poem)

Virus hits your state. Governor orders statewide lockdown. Businesses close except those considered essential. Your company isn’t essential. You get laid off.   Fear hits you. How are you going to pay bills? What about food? What about rent? (Or … Continue reading

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Miss You’re-So-Vain (an anti-romance poem)

You’re so vain. Bet you think this poem is about you. Know you think this poem is about you.   Still got looks that kill. Dudes still crazy over you. Dudes still wanting your extra time and your kiss. Dudes … Continue reading

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Aging Pretentious Artist (a poem)

Middle-aged undiscovered artist. Bitter. Angry.  Still wondering why the less talented received all the breaks and they didn’t.   Flashback to their twenties. Arrogant.  Know-it-all. Wouldn’t listen to constructive criticism. Dismissed current popular artists. Called their work garbage.   Years … Continue reading

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The Idris Elba Look-A-Like (a poem)

Hanging out at a Latin Freestyle event.Buddy of mine playing classic Latin freestyle from the 80s. Even mixed in 80s hip hop. Me watching some woman’s big booty. Or should I call it culo grande?I never approach her. She’s with a … Continue reading

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