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Pics from City Girls’ Outrageous “Twerk feat. Cardi B”

Right about now, this funk soul brother is supposed to be editing photos for a recent photo gig. Yet, this is a booty emergency. Blame the booty distraction on the white man. My white buddy Jason Mosley alerted me to … Continue reading

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The Booty Pics Month

So far, last month is my biggest moment for booty pics. All of this came as somewhat a surprise. Yet, some folks said it was my reputation proceeding me. All of it happened in Orlando. First, it started during the … Continue reading

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Pics of my First Studio Photo Shoot

Last month, I was the second photographer for a fetish shoot. This was for Mister Pierre Fetish Fashion. As the main photographer photographed the models, I was more of the closeup person. This is why the two models aren’t looking … Continue reading

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Orlando’s Tushy Elf AKA Tymisha Harris

Over the years, I’ve been following Orlando-based group Bad Santa and the Angry Elves. The music parodies rock music with raunchy Christmas-themed lyrics. During a break, I photographed portrait shots. The following are two pics of Tushy Elf AKA Tymisha … Continue reading

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Three Pics from Downtown Orlando’s Beth’s Burger Bar

Friday, I read an Orlando Weekly article saying Beth’s Burger Bar was closing its downtown location. After finishing nightclub photography gigs, I would head to Beth’s burgers. Over the years, I took the following iPhone pics there. One night, I … Continue reading

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Nightclub Latina Posing on Stairs

This one is another personal favorite. She has the same birthday as my Grandma Eva, December 25. On Latin Nights at an Orlando nightclub, she always hung around another girl. I could never forget this face.

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Light-Skinned Black VIP Girl

Before this cutie became a bottle girl, she used to work in the lobby.  I forgot what her duties were. I just remember her working at the entrance. This was at an Orlando nightclub I used to photograph.

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