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Pics from City Girls’ Outrageous “Twerk feat. Cardi B”

Right about now, this funk soul brother is supposed to be editing photos for a recent photo gig. Yet, this is a booty emergency. Blame the booty distraction on the white man. My white buddy Jason Mosley alerted me to … Continue reading

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The Rolling Stones’ Money Making Machine

So far, The Rolling Stones has thirteen dates scheduled for their 2019 US No Filter Tour.  I live in the Orlando area. Twice, The Rolling Stones played in Orlando. Yet, for the No Filter Tour, Miami and Jacksonville are the only … Continue reading

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Laptop DJ ( a poem)

Use to DJ some years back.Made more money in Sanford than I did in Orlando. Had a weekly gig in Sanford.Two nights a week at a joint called Little Fish, Huge Pond.Most folks appreciated me.Patrons even celebrated my birthday there.Surprised me … Continue reading

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Musician Trent Reznor Claims He Told Senator Ted Cruz to Fuck Off

During a concert performance in Irving, Texas, Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor asked for the lights to be turned on so he can see who voted for Ted Cruz. In a video posted on Reddit, he later says … Continue reading

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Cleveland Radio Station Stops Playing the Song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Listeners Complained About the Lyrics

After hearing listeners complaints concerning the lyrics,  Cleveland radio station Star 102 stopped playing the popular Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. In 1944, the song was written by Frank Loesser.  In this call and response song, a man tells … Continue reading

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We Will Rock You: The History of a Favorite Queen Song

During my 1980-81 school year, I was in 6th grade at the time. One day, riding home on the school bus, kids were stomping their feet and clapping their hands. Stomp-stomp-clap! Stomp-stomp-clap! Let me add, I was one of two … Continue reading

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You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch: The History of a Favorite Christmas Song

During the Winter Holidays, other people enjoy songs about chestnuts roasting and other sappy happy things. As for me, one of my all time favorite Christmas songs has been “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” First, I’ll let Wikipedia talk: … Continue reading

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