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A Week in Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs

One day back in May, I continued coughing Previously, I had what I thought was either bronchitis or just a bad cold. Whatever it was, it continued lingering on. First, I thought it was going away. Then, the symptoms came … Continue reading

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Give It Up, Right-Wingers, White Women Aren’t Staying Away from Black Men

Recently, a propagandist flier appeared on the campus of The Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The message? Why white women shouldn’t date black men. According to the flier, black men carry STDs. Also, if a white woman birthed interracial children, … Continue reading

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Living the Edward Scissorhands Lifestyle

Spoiler Alert: If you never watched the movie Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp, don’t read this blog. I never forgot the ending to Edward Scissorhands. In the end, he lived alone creating art, carving ice sculptures as he lived alone … Continue reading

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Fuck What the Vet Says: Your Cat is a Dickhead!

After my mom’s passing, I somewhat inherited two male cats.  Both are unneutered. By now, cat lovers may already know the troubles I am experiencing; fights and spaying every damned where. Yet, here’s the thing. One of the cats I … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech Also Means I Can Tell You to Go Fuck Yourself

Some years back, I used to DJ for Peacock Room’s Happy Hour. Peacock Room existed in Orlando’s Mills 50 District. At a table, I played tunes off my laptop. Fuck those who hate laptop DJs because this gig earned me … Continue reading

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Nail in the Tire, Busted Spare Tire and the Good Samaritan

As I drove home this afternoon, I heard a flapping sound coming from the back-left tire. When I reached the house, I immediately examined the tire. No, it wasn’t flat. Yet, I saw a nail sticking inside the top. Actually, … Continue reading

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