Girls Night Out

Five Young Women Posing Near a Stripper Pole

Last night, I was photographing in Manikins, a Downtown Sanford bar. During the night, I saw five young ladies posing near the bar’s stripper pole. Dudes were photographing them. I asked one of the guys do they need a pro photo. “Go right ahead, man,” he said. I took two photos. I liked the second… Continue reading Five Young Women Posing Near a Stripper Pole

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17 Girls’ Night Out Pics

In previous blogs, I constantly showed pics containing groups of nightclub women. Some pics contained all Black women. Some contained all Hispanic women. A few contained white women. Also, one pic contained a mixture of both Black and White women. In this blog, I decided to show all of those pics in one post. To… Continue reading 17 Girls’ Night Out Pics

Girls Night Out

Three Nightlife Smiling Cuties

I almost didn't post this picture. See that douchebag in the back? He's between the brunette and the blonde on the right. In my humble opinion, him looking at the camera almost ruins the damned picture! Almost. Still, no person can deny the cuteness of these three young ladies. I took two photos. The first… Continue reading Three Nightlife Smiling Cuties

Ebony/Black Women, Girls Night Out

Four VIP Cuties of Color

This photo takes place in one of the nightclub's VIP section. Also, this section existed upstairs. On previous nights, I ran across one of these four cuties before. I'm talking about the one with the hand on her hip. With this group, I photographed them four times. Well, I photographed three pics containing all four… Continue reading Four VIP Cuties of Color

Girls Night Out, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Four Latinas Holding Drinks

Every Sunday, a Latin night happened at this Downtown Orlando nightclub. In one spot, reggaeton and other current Latin music played. Hip hop played there too. In another spot, traditional tropical Latin music played. (Also, in this spot, a cute female bartender used to hook me up with potent booze) In the traditional area, I… Continue reading Four Latinas Holding Drinks

Girls Night Out, Various Races of Women

Three Young Women Posing in Front of Bar Counter

What attracted me to this trio of lovelies was the black girl. Don't get me wrong, the white girls are cute too. Yet, I enjoy creating pics containing women of different ethnicities and races. Speaking of variety, one of my blog categories is dedicated to various races of women. With these three young ladies, I… Continue reading Three Young Women Posing in Front of Bar Counter

Girls Night Out, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Three Latinas Waiting in Nightclub’s Line

Sometimes during my nightclub photo gigs, I would go outside and look at the line of people waiting to come in. On this night, I noticed these three cuties in the line. I photographed them twice. In the first pic, one of them wasn't looking at the camera. For this blog post, I preferred the… Continue reading Three Latinas Waiting in Nightclub’s Line