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The Serial Booty Squeezer (a short story)

A summer Friday night. A Downtown Orlando bar. Won’t say the name of place because I might incriminate myself. In the front right corner of the bar, a DJ plays a mixture of 80s and 90s music. Some songs are … Continue reading

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The School Lunch Money Robbery (a short story)

One morning on a sidewalk, three brown-skinned girls walked to Edmund Middle School. All three were in 6th grade. Julia wore her hair in a ponytail. During the third grade, she was held back. Annette wore braids. Cassandra wore two … Continue reading

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The Heavy Metal Executions (a short story)

That night, the theater contained a full house. In the audience sat white men and women of various ages. The men wore expensive suits. The women wore expensive dresses and jewelry. At the moment, a bare stage sat in front … Continue reading

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Blaming Gangster Rap and Al Sharpton (A Short Story)

“You’re playing too much gangster rap,” Scott said. The evening’s DJ night at Bohemian Spot was over. At the bar’s register, Scott handed Don his pay. Scott owned short brown hair and wore a beard. Don owned chocolate-brown skin and … Continue reading

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Rain Continues Ruining Attempts to Mow the Lawn (A Short Story)

“You’ve got a jungle growing out here,” Marvin said. “You need to cut the yard, Anson.” Marvin was standing at the door of the house. After visiting his older brother Anson, he was now leaving. Marvin’s brown-skin was a shade … Continue reading

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Cruising Confederate Park’s Men’s Public Restroom (A Short Story)

During the evening at Orlando’s Confederate Park, Dan drove his car into a parking spot. Aged 43, grey strands showed in Dan’s brown hair. A white polo shirt covered his beer-bellied body. Also, he wore light-brown slacks and grey loafers. … Continue reading

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Celery City’s Racist Ghost

In August 2012, African-American Terrance McNeil was traveling from Greenville, South Carolina to Orlando, Florida. Before reaching Orlando, he stopped in the small town of Celery City, Florida. On the Internet, he had read about Celery City’s friendly residents and … Continue reading

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Lake Jackson’s Riverfront Ghosts (A Short Story)

“How long are you staying?” the hotel clerk asked him. It was an elderly white guy who wore glasses.  Also, the guy owned short white hair. “Two nights,” Terrence said. Terrence noticed the pause on the clerk’s face. “Something wrong?” … Continue reading

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The Disturbing Ex-Girlfriend Visions (A Short Story)

1990s Downtown Orlando. Back when EDM was called techno and rave music.  Yet, during this particular time, rappers Tupac and Biggie were already murdered. I was hanging out at a favorite sleaze joint, a nightclub which shall remain nameless. At … Continue reading

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Lost in Downtown Orlando (A Short Story)

On a Saturday night, Alyssa’s older brother Paul was driving down Orlando’s Interstate 4. Paul owned medium-brown skin and wore short dreadlocks. Next to him sat his girlfriend Cheryl. Cheryl owned light-brown skin and wore blonde extensions that touched her … Continue reading

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