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Mandaddy from Gargamel!

A few years back, a friend hosted a Surrealist party. An event inspired by the surrealist art of Salvador DalĂ­. Because the event looked interesting, I volunteered my photography services. As I photographed people dressed in costumes, I ran across longtime friend Mandaddy, lead singer of Gargamel! (The band's name ends in an exclamation point.)… Continue reading Mandaddy from Gargamel!

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Pirate Wearing Red Coat

Every year, the Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival happens in Sanford, Florida. Back in 2009, it started off as Talk Like A Pirate Day, an event that happens nationwide on September 19. Then in 2011, the name changed to its current title. The pirate in the photo stands in front of the now-closed Little… Continue reading Pirate Wearing Red Coat

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Lobster Costume

Back in 2019, I attended a live music event at Orlando's Will's Pub. Three bands performed that night: Schizophonics, The Woolly Bushmen and The Wild Tones. During the event, I ran across a dude dressed like a lobster. First, I photographed him at the event's beginning. He was sitting on a sofa next to a… Continue reading Lobster Costume

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Two Mermaids

In 2019, I photographed Beer 'Merica for Orlando Weekly. Actually, it was another photographer and I. Yet, it was my photos that were shown in an online gallery. Over 100 craft beers are featured in this annual event. During my photographing, I ran across these two women dressed as mermaids. I used a flash when… Continue reading Two Mermaids

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Bad Santa at Orlando’s Lucky Lure

Over the years, I have been following Central Florida's Bad Santa and the Angry Elves. The band is... You know what? I'll borrow from their Facebook page: "A badass-one-of-a-kind-punk-rock-Christmas-extravaganza, that blends a rock show set list of holiday mash-ups and reworked punk classics with comedy and theatrics to create a full blown interactive holiday experience."… Continue reading Bad Santa at Orlando’s Lucky Lure

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Three Sexy Halloween Pics

On this Halloween Day, I decided to present these three sexy photos. They were taken during my nights as a nightclub photographer. All three have been posted in previous blogs. Also, all three are in my coffee table book Nighclub Womenz. You can click on the book's link right here. To see a pic individually,… Continue reading Three Sexy Halloween Pics

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Booty and Cruella de Vil

This photo dates in the early 2000s. It might be 2003. I'm not sure. A friend was hosting a Halloween after-party. I forget what event we had left. So, on this night, I was using an Olympus Camedia, my first digital camera. After photographing other costumed folks, these two posed for me. Both Pink Shorts… Continue reading Booty and Cruella de Vil

Costumes, Ebony/Black Women, Nightclub Womenz

Praying Angel

She was one of the few nightclub employees I actually clicked with. Also, she was a model. This was why I always gained good photos from my Angel friend. Our chemistry and her model skills worked wonders. Once in a while, I gained a booty shot from her. Okay, astrology folks, she's a Capricorn. This… Continue reading Praying Angel

Costumes, Ebony/Black Women, Halloween, Nightclub Womenz

Hot Black Woman Dressed as Ms. Green M&M

Of course, this was on a Halloween. I thought this sexy mama's costume was one of the more original. I had never seen anyone dressed as an M&M, let alone the green one. As for the popular myth about green M&M's? No, they don't make you horny. (As for me, the woman in this pic… Continue reading Hot Black Woman Dressed as Ms. Green M&M

Costumes, Ebony/Black Women, Halloween, Nightclub Womenz

Punisher Costume Worn by Hot Black Woman

This photo has been one of my all-time favorites, a sexy black woman dressed as The Punisher! Before this, I have seen women of color dressed as white female characters. That isn't anything new. Yet, this woman chose to dress as a white male character. Actually, he's Sicilian. A violent Sicilian from the comic books.… Continue reading Punisher Costume Worn by Hot Black Woman