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100% Irish T-Shirt

On a St. Patrick's Day night, I was photographing for a Downtown Orlando nightspot. The guy in the photo was one of the last people I ran into. Seeing that he was Asian, I found his shirt amusing: 100% Irish (Today). After asking his permission to photograph, he silently posed for me. This photo is… Continue reading 100% Irish T-Shirt

Cool T-Shirts, Selective Color

Exorcist T-Shirt

In the past months, I had been volunteering my photographic services for Manikins. The joint exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Fridays and Saturdays are hosted by Venue 13. Goth music plays on those nights. I show up with the camera on Venue 13's theme nights. First, the nights happened once a month. Then, they happened… Continue reading Exorcist T-Shirt

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Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Every year at Orlando's Lil Indies, an event centered around Prince happens. Throughout the whole evening, DJ BMF plays Prince videos and videos of artists associated with Prince. In past events, Prince impersonator Sir Jac showed up. At one event, he changed clothing several times, all dressed as Prince. This event always happens on or… Continue reading Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

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Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

Back in the 2000s, pool parties took place at a Downtown Orlando hotel. I only attended a few. At one event, I became fast friends with some dude. As I stood in a balcony, he approached the woman in the pic. He spoke some words to her. Then, he pointed up at me. I had… Continue reading Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

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T-Shirt Giving No Fucks

I think the shirt caught my attention. I didn't notice the toned bodies until I started editing pics at home. Furthermore, I might be wrong. Yet, I think these ladies workout. I took four photos. The first two contained both ladies. Pics three and four contained the woman wearing the No Fucks Given shirt. I… Continue reading T-Shirt Giving No Fucks

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Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt

Of course, this pic happened during St. Patrick's Day. The babe in this pic showed up with two dudes. I took five pics of this group. The first was a group shot. The second was a group shot with Blondie kissing one of the dudes on the cheek. Dude was built too. Big enough to… Continue reading Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt

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T-shirt Wishing You Were Beer

I think the brunette was doing most of the talking. This was my first weekend photographing for this Downtown Orlando bar. I took three pics of these two cuties. This is the second pic. I loved the brunette's t-shirt. Also, I loved seeing a black woman and white woman hanging out together. This picture is… Continue reading T-shirt Wishing You Were Beer

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Guns-N-Roses T-Shirt Worn by Attractive Woman of Color

First, I photographed her with a group of women. Then, when I noticed the Guns N' Roses t-shirt, I photographed her separately. I really don't know why. Yet, I enjoy photographing beautiful women of color wearing rock t-shirts. In a previous blog, I presented one wearing a King Diamond t-shirt. As I upload this pic… Continue reading Guns-N-Roses T-Shirt Worn by Attractive Woman of Color

Cool T-Shirts, Ebony/Black Women, Nightclub Womenz

Hot Black Woman Wearing a King Diamond T-Shirt

This beauty was with another woman. First, I photographed them together. Then, I photographed the women separately. Not only did this cutie's looks attract my attention, the t-shirt attracted my attention also. I never listened to his music. Yet, I did know who Danish rock musician King Diamond was. Photo by Cecil Yet, let's get… Continue reading Hot Black Woman Wearing a King Diamond T-Shirt