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Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

Back in the 2000s, pool parties took place at a Downtown Orlando hotel. I only attended a few. At one event, I became fast friends with some dude. As I stood in a balcony, he approached the woman in the pic. He spoke some words to her. Then, he pointed up at me. I had… Continue reading Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

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T-Shirt Giving No Fucks

I think the shirt caught my attention. I didn't notice the toned bodies until I started editing pics at home. Furthermore, I might be wrong. Yet, I think these ladies workout. I took four photos. The first two contained both ladies. Pics three and four contained the woman wearing the No Fucks Given shirt. I… Continue reading T-Shirt Giving No Fucks

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Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt

Of course, this pic happened during St. Patrick's Day. The babe in this pic showed up with two dudes. I took five pics of this group. The first was a group shot. The second was a group shot with Blondie kissing one of the dudes on the cheek. Dude was built too. Big enough to… Continue reading Hot Blonde Wearing Kiss Me Don’t Pinch Me T-shirt

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T-shirt Wishing You Were Beer

I think the brunette was doing most of the talking. This was my first weekend photographing for this Downtown Orlando bar. I took three pics of these two cuties. This is the second pic. I loved the brunette's t-shirt. Also, I loved seeing a black woman and white woman hanging out together. This picture is… Continue reading T-shirt Wishing You Were Beer

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Guns-N-Roses T-Shirt Worn by Attractive Woman of Color

First, I photographed her with a group of women. Then, when I noticed the Guns N' Roses t-shirt, I photographed her separately. I really don't know why. Yet, I enjoy photographing beautiful women of color wearing rock t-shirts. In a previous blog, I presented one wearing a King Diamond t-shirt. As I upload this pic… Continue reading Guns-N-Roses T-Shirt Worn by Attractive Woman of Color

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Hot Black Woman Wearing a King Diamond T-Shirt

This beauty was with another woman. First, I photographed them together. Then, I photographed the women separately. Not only did this cutie's looks attract my attention, the t-shirt attracted my attention also. I never listened to his music. Yet, I did know who Danish rock musician King Diamond was. Photo by Cecil Yet, let's get… Continue reading Hot Black Woman Wearing a King Diamond T-Shirt