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Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

In 2001, I used to sit in front of a nightspot called Alpha Bar. The joint was located in Downtown Orlando. As I sat in front of Alpha Bar, I photographed the people walking by. Usually, I photographed women. I was still using film. More than likely, it was the cheap Polaroid 400. On one… Continue reading Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets


Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

Normally, I don't photograph candid photos. At least, not like I used to. Still, I couldn't resist photographing this scenario. On this night, I photographed patrons as usual. As I continued photographing, I noticed these two on my right. They were at the edge of the dancing area. More like in the corner of the… Continue reading Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

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Booty Pic of Brunette Burlesque Dancer

I first showed this pic on a fetish event blog. A friend hosted a fundraiser at his house. He was raising money for his company and him to attend Fetish Con. Throughout the night, three different women performed a solo burlesque routine. Lexi Katt, the woman in this pic, was my favorite. On this night,… Continue reading Booty Pic of Brunette Burlesque Dancer

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Hot Brunette Kissing Her Friend on the Cheek

I owe these two beauties an apology. You see, they were wearing black. Black clothing has the tendency to cause a flash blowout. Meaning images look blown-out. Usually, that happens with small compact cameras. Or with using the pop-up flash on DSLR cameras. Still, I experienced blowouts with my pro setups. As I looked into… Continue reading Hot Brunette Kissing Her Friend on the Cheek

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Two Brunettes Dancing

This is another one of my dance floor pics. As I photographed folks on the dance floor, I ran into these two young ladies. Don't let the "suburban look" fool you. They were partying to hip hop music. Gotta love photos like these, tho. One person looks at you while the other person turns their… Continue reading Two Brunettes Dancing

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Bachelorette Partying in a Bar

I spotted her hanging out with other ladies. I had photographed bachelorette gatherings before. Yet, at the time, I didn't remember ever seeing a bride-to-be wearing a bridal veil. This cutie was the first. I photographed her twice. Both times, she posed almost the same. The pic you see here is the first one. This… Continue reading Bachelorette Partying in a Bar

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Two Peace Signs

This was my only pic of her. Usually, I take two pics. I do this in case the first pic comes out crappy. Yet, this brunette cutie stopped. Gave me this pose with two peace signs. Then, that was it. She was gone. I didn't need to take a second pic. This picture is from… Continue reading Two Peace Signs