Blonde Blowing Christ Image

Good ol’ alcohol. It makes you do crazy things! Things like simulating a blow job on a Jesus Christ image. That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago at Manikins located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. On a small stage, there exists a stripper pole. Plastered on a wall, a Christ image exists next to the stripper… Continue reading Blonde Blowing Christ Image

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Jesus Christ Behind Two Women on a Stripper Pole

One night, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge again. Manikins is located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. During the evening, I ran across these two women on the stripper pole. Normally, I don’t photograph stripper pole women without their permission. These two gave me the OK to photograph them. I forgot how many pics I took.… Continue reading Jesus Christ Behind Two Women on a Stripper Pole

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White Bikini Booty Pic

In a previous blog, I featured this beauty before. It's the same bikini contest. In that pic, we see her at the beginning of the contest. Also, she's wearing different clothing. What readers see now is the second time she came onstage. (Who am I kidding? Y'all ain't reading these blogs. Y'all just looking at… Continue reading White Bikini Booty Pic

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12 Bikini Pics

In previous blogs, I posted bikini pics. Some pics are recent. Some pics are from the past. Also, some pics contain Black women. Some contain white women. One contains a Puerto Rican woman. Also, a few pics contain booty. To see a pic individually, click on it.


Two Blondes Praying

On other nights, I had photographed the young lady at the bottom before. Once on Facebook, I uploaded a photo of her and a brunette. I captioned the pic #whitewomenmatter. Yet, she's actually half-Hispanic. On this night, a third blonde was these two. First, I photographed two group shots of all three women. I forgot… Continue reading Two Blondes Praying

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Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

In 2001, I used to sit in front of a nightspot called Alpha Bar. The joint was located in Downtown Orlando. As I sat in front of Alpha Bar, I photographed the people walking by. Usually, I photographed women. I was still using film. More than likely, it was the cheap Polaroid 400. On one… Continue reading Brunette’s Thong Exposed on Streets

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Three Blonde Dancing Queens

I don't ever remember photographing a blonde trio before. This pic almost makes you think I was in Sweden. (Actually, I did date a Swede before.) I photographed these ladies twice. The first pic was shitty. First, our friend on the left had her eyes closed. Second, the blue shirt dude in the background was… Continue reading Three Blonde Dancing Queens

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Blonde Flipping Two Birds in Downtown Orlando Bar

This was all the Blonde's idea. I think I approached them for a photograph. Then, the Blonde took it upon herself to do the pose you see now. Then, her friends hugged themselves, forming a temple over the blonde. This was the only pic of these three. I later cropped this photo around the blonde.… Continue reading Blonde Flipping Two Birds in Downtown Orlando Bar