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Four Asian Babes Smiling on a Rooftop Bar

This pic is in my photo book Three Orlando Nightspots. The said nightspots are really three places combined into one. After putting this pic in my book, I didn't realize I had photographed these four lovelies before. It was in another one of the three spots. Plus I didn't realize they were included in a… Continue reading Four Asian Babes Smiling on a Rooftop Bar

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Hot Asian Bartender

I never knew if she had any modeling experience before. Yet, this cutie always knew how to pose for the camera. One night, I asked her ethnicity. The only part I remember is Half-Korean. I forgot what the European side was. Usually, she bartended in the lobby. Like many bartenders, this cutie was always a… Continue reading Hot Asian Bartender

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Angela Yee at an Orlando Nightclub

I'll be honest. I had no idea who radio personality Angela Yee was. Currently, along with Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy, Angela is on the radio show The Breakfast Club. At the time, I knew of The Breakfast Club. Yet, I didn't become familiar with the show until I started watching the show's YouTube… Continue reading Angela Yee at an Orlando Nightclub