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Patrick Scott Barnes, a Central Florida Poet, introduces poetry containing obscene language, Ebonics, arguing couples, alcohol abuse and praise for the female posterior.

“Some poets and killjoys will say it is wrong to sexualize the female human form, but Barnes doesn’t fall for that bullshit and celebrates Nature’s greatest design in his own poetry.” Christoph Paul, the author of Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems

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Three Orlando Nightspots Book Cover Blog Version

“The work features a collection of sometimes disturbingly candid photographs of women drinking alcohol, taken during Barnes’ time as a nightlife photographer at Downtown venues like 64 North, The Patio, and Aero.” Bungalower

“While the photographs, juxtaposed alongside Barnes’ poetry, read as entitled or misogynistic, they manage to capture a quasi-disconcerting side of Downtown Orlando nightlife that is often overlooked…”  Bungalower

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