Latinas/Hispanic Women

Two Cute Latinas on the Dance Floor

Here's something I found unusual. I don't know if this happens on other Latin Nights. Yet, I sure enough witnessed it on this Latin Night. I don't why this happened. Yet, on this nightclub's Latin Night, people didn't start dancing until 12 AM. Every week this happened. One night, I asked one of the DJs… Continue reading Two Cute Latinas on the Dance Floor

Ebony/Black Women

Cute Black Woman Pointing at Camera

Previously, I was photographing random nightclub patrons. Many of them didn't stand out for me. They just weren't photogenic. Yet, I photographed the patrons anyway. Then, I ran across this cutie. I asked permission to photograph her. Next, she gave me the pose you see on in this blog post's pic. I only took one… Continue reading Cute Black Woman Pointing at Camera

Latinas/Hispanic Women

Sexy Latina Wearing Black

This pic is one of my all-time favorites. The black outfit outlines this cutie's body well. I took this pic during the nightclub's Latin Night. Before this pic, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black and her friend. I photographed them twice. Next, I photographed Miss Dressed in Black solo. I don't know if she requested… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Black

Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

This pic happened at a Downtown Orlando nightclub. It was during one of the Latin Nights. A rapper performed as women danced on the stage. If I remember correctly, it was a contest. These two were tied. I forgot who won. In a past blog, I featured the cutie on the right before. That pic… Continue reading Booty Pic of Two Latinas Onstage

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12 Bikini Pics

In previous blogs, I posted bikini pics. Some pics are recent. Some pics are from the past. Also, some pics contain Black women. Some contain white women. One contains a Puerto Rican woman. Also, a few pics contain booty. To see a pic individually, click on it.

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17 Girls’ Night Out Pics

In previous blogs, I constantly showed pics containing groups of nightclub women. Some pics contained all Black women. Some contained all Hispanic women. A few contained white women. Also, one pic contained a mixture of both Black and White women. In this blog, I decided to show all of those pics in one post. To… Continue reading 17 Girls’ Night Out Pics

Booty, Brunettes, Ebony/Black Women, Latinas/Hispanic Women, Various Races of Women

Three July 4th Babes

Like the blog title says, I photographed these three beauties on a July 4th. All three worked at the Orlando nightclub I used to photograph for. The woman on the left is Trinidadian. She was a VIP bottle lady. The woman in the middle is Irish/Italian. She was the shots woman. The woman on the… Continue reading Three July 4th Babes

Bikinis, Brunettes

Bikini Babe Spinning LED Poi

I posted this young lady in a past blog. At an Orlando pool party, I had photographed her earlier. Later on in the evening, women started spinning LED poi sticks. Some DSLRs contain two flash curtains. When set on the first curtain, the flash starts at the beginning of exposure. On the second curtain, the… Continue reading Bikini Babe Spinning LED Poi

Ebony/Black Women

Smiling Black Lady Wearing Swimsuit

Back in 2007, I attended a pool party in Downtown Orlando. Actually, this was the second one I attended. It happened during Labor Day Weekend. On this day, some dude and I became quick friends. With my camera, I followed him around. I photographed him as he posed with various women. After he posed with… Continue reading Smiling Black Lady Wearing Swimsuit