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Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, he's guzzling booze in a Central Florida bar.

Orlando’s Ritual: A Cool Night of 80s New Wave, Goth and Industrial Music

For the past few Thursdays, I’ve been attending Ritual at Orlando’s Vinyl Arts Bar. Every Thursday night, along with a guest DJ, Will Roc plays 80s new wave, goth, industrial and indie music. As I know some of the music, … Continue reading

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Was Told My Blog Got Folks Fired!

Last night, I walked into a Downtown Orlando Subway. I noticed one of the security guys from The Beacham, my old photo job. I had no problems with the employees. My beef was with the owners. The employees didn’t fire … Continue reading

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A Week in Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs

One day back in May, I continued coughing Previously, I had what I thought was either bronchitis or just a bad cold. Whatever it was, it continued lingering on. First, I thought it was going away. Then, the symptoms came … Continue reading

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39 Orlando Nightlife Booty Pics

Because friends and fans know me for booty pics, I figured what the hell.  Might as well make a blog with nothing but booty pics. I might lose Facebook friends behind this.  I might even scare off potential romantic interests…as … Continue reading

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Pics of Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser 7-29-2017

Two Saturday’s back, I attended Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser. Mister Pierre’s Fetish was raising funds to attend the upcoming Fetish Con in September.  Enjoy the pics.     Lita Laroux.   Lexi Katt. Auroura Fable. That Broad. (Art … Continue reading

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Video of Orlando Nightclub Security Beating a Dude

Today, my buddy Jimmy Lebron Facebook messaged me. The message contained videos of security guys beating the shit out of a patron. Where was this at? Orlando’s Beacham Nightclub. The same place that fired me for posting a pic of … Continue reading

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DJ Sandra Collins at Orlando’s Sandwich Bar 7-28-2017

Last Friday, I drove to Orlando’s Sandwich Bar. The DJ lineup was Scot Marc, Mathew Scott and American international DJ Sandra Collins. On another website, I blogged about Sandra Collins before. I hadn’t been to Sandwich Bar since 2014. It … Continue reading

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