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Most of Central Florida knows Stone Crazy (Patrick Scott Barnes) as a poet. Yet, he also photographs, DJ and blogs. The rest of the time, he's guzzling booze in a Central Florida bar.

Blaming Gangster Rap and Al Sharpton (A Short Story)

“You’re playing too much gangster rap,” Scott said. The evening’s DJ night at Bohemian Spot was over. At the bar’s register, Scott handed Don his pay. Scott owned short brown hair and wore a beard. Don owned chocolate-brown skin and … Continue reading

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Rain Continues Ruining Attempts to Mow the Lawn (A Short Story)

“You’ve got a jungle growing out here,” Marvin said. “You need to cut the yard, Anson.” Marvin was standing at the door of the house. After visiting his older brother Anson, he was now leaving. Marvin’s brown-skin was a shade … Continue reading

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Cruising Confederate Park’s Men’s Public Restroom (A Short Story)

During the evening at Orlando’s Confederate Park, Dan drove his car into a parking spot. Aged 43, grey strands showed in Dan’s brown hair. A white polo shirt covered his beer-bellied body. Also, he wore light-brown slacks and grey loafers. … Continue reading

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My Blog Address is Now

Even though the service is free, I got tired of looking at at the end of my blog’s address. Also, experience from a previous blog taught me domain names bring more traffic. Another thing, you won’t be seeing ads … Continue reading

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75 Multiracial Photos of Orlando Nightlife Women

These pics are from the following Orlando Nightclubs: Aero, The Beacham, The Patio, The Social and 64 North. During the weekends, I am hired to photograph these places. Enjoy the pics.

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Selfie Pics with My New LED iPhone Case

Last week on Amazon, I ordered a Neatday LED selfie case.  You place the case on your iPhone.  Then, when your camera phone is in the selfie mode, you turn on your case. Next, the LED light from the case … Continue reading

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50 Multiracial Photos of Orlando Nightlife Women

Friday and Saturday nights, I photograph four Orlando nightspots: The Beacham, 64 North, The Patio and Aero.  On these nights, The Beacham plays mostly hip hop. The Patio plays a mixture of hip hop and pop music. Music from the … Continue reading

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