Brunette Spread-Eagled on Stripper Pole

If I remember correctly, I think brunette in this pic insisted I photograph her.

Earlier, she was swinging on the stripper pole before.

This was at Manikins Lounge in Downtown Sanford, Florida.

For some reason, as she swung on the stripper pole, I didn’t photograph her.

Oh yea, I remember now. Her and I didn’t get eye contact.

Gaining eye contact helps me in knowing if I should photograph people. When I gain it, I can tell by the person’s face if I should photograph. A happy face gives me permission to photograph. An uninterested or angry look says no. An afraid look says no, also.

Because I didn’t gain any eye contact from the young brunette, I continued walking.

Yet, later on, she made sure I photograph her. I forgot how many pics I took. Yet, I enjoy this spread-eagle pic the most.

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