Selective Color, Self-publishing

18 Pics of People Who Bought My Photography Book: Selective Color

I recently published another photography/poetry book. It’s my third one. The book contains selective color images.

Selective color is when a photo is mostly black and white but still contains a little color. Below are pics from the book. To see a pic individually, click on it.

As I sell a book, I usually photograph the buyer holding the book.

Friend holding book at Nora's in Orlando, Florida,

Then, I would upload the buyer’s photo to both Facebook and Instagram. That’s my no cost way of advertising the book.

Sometimes, I sell books through the mail. When that happens, some folks take a photo of themselves holding the book.

Then, they message the pic to me.

Marla holding a book she purchased through the mail.

So, here are eighteen pics of people who bought my book Selective Color. It can be purchased on Amazon. For purchase, just click here.

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