Ebony/Black Women, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

Two VIP women dressed in black in an Orlando nightclub.

A stage exists in the nightclub where these two VIP women worked. A DJ booth sits on this stage. Also, VIP areas exist around the DJ booth.

That’s where I photographed these two. First, I took solo shots of them. I photographed the bottom woman (Puerto Rican and Dominican) first. Then, I photographed three shots of the Black girl.

Both appear in previous blogs. The Latina appears in a Christmas blog. She’s in the middle pic in the fourth row.

The Black girl appears in the same blog. She’s the first pic on the second row.

The Black girl also appears in another blog. She’s the booty on the left.

As for the photo on this blog post, I don’t remember who came up with the idea. Yet, after I photographed them solo, the two women moved into a praying position.

I liked the praying photo more than I liked their solo pics.

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