Flipping the Bird

Another Flipping Off The Nightclub Photographer

A biracial or Hispanic girl taking a selfie of her and her friend.

Boy, do some people enjoy flipping off the nightclub photographer. Sometimes, we deserve it.

Yet, this incident always had me confused. Or maybe, I’m just remembering it wrong.

Okay, I think I approached the cutie on the left first. Then, I asked permission to photograph her and her friend.

I think the woman on the left wanted a photo of them photographing themselves. I think that’s what I heard.

So, I took the picture. Then, I took another.

During editing, that’s when I found out the woman on the right was flipping me the bird. This was in the second pic.

Look at her. She’s having a good time flipping me off, too. Look at the smile behind that bird.

Oh well, I think it’s a cool pic.

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