The Opening of Will’s Pub In-House Kitchen

Will's Pub new kitchen with main cook Shawn Bayne.

Last week, I was asked to photograph the opening of Will’s Pub new kitchen. Will’s, an Orlando live band venue, was usually a booze-only spot. Yet, social distancing rules put a damper on both the live entertainment and the crowds.

With fewer money spenders, Will’s teamed up with local eatery Swine and Sons. The team then created the new kitchen. Food servings include boiled peanuts, pulled pork sandwiches and pork rinds.

My friend, Shawn Bayne, was the person requesting the photos. I’ve known Shawn for almost two decades. A former sous-chef for a local eatery, Shawn is going to be the kitchen’s main cook.

Last Friday, Will’s opened the kitchen. On that night, I photographed several shots of the spot. Some photos included Shawn.

Yesterday, I uploaded some photos to Facebook. The photo you see on this blog post gained the highest response.

I borrowed this style from photo blogger Maria Vincent Robinson. I wanted to show Shawn on one side as we see the cooking area on the other. We see the chef in his environment.

Still, I didn’t expect Shawn to look like a boss. I’m talking I-own-this-freaking- kitchen-boss. As I look at this pic, I can almost hear a Rick Ross song playing in the background. A sharp contrast to the gentle person I always knew.

I haven’t eaten the food yet. Friends say it’s delicious. Guess I gotta schedule another trip from Sanford to Orlando.

Update: I had the pulled pork sandwich. It was delicious.

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