Three Orlando Nightspots Women, Various Races of Women

Three Cute Girls Waiting in Line Outside Bar

Three ladies posing outside a Downtown Orlando bar.

I spotted them outside the Downtown Orlando bar I photographed for. They were waiting in line to get in.

When I first took their pic, the middle woman and the woman on the right faced me. During the second pic, the woman on the left posed with them.

Of course, the second pic wound up being my favorite of the two.

Oh yea, after all these blog posts, I didn’t think about this until now. Looking at the woman in red brought it to my attention.

Most cameras have a white balance setting. This includes auto, tungsten, fluorescent, daylight, cloudy, flash and shade. By default, all cameras are set to auto.

When I photograph nightlife, I don’t like auto. Skin tones look off, especially with ethnic folks like our friend in red. Instead of auto, I prefer the flash setting. The flash setting adds warmth. In my humble opinion, this brings out the true skin tones of ethnic folks.

This picture is from the photo book Three Orlando Nightspots.

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