Boobs, Ebony/Black Women, Nightclub Womenz

Cleavage Display by Smiling Black Woman

Sexy ebony woman with big tits,

This is another pic I showed before. I remember this young lady as very friendly. I thought I heard a Caribbean accent. Yet, I wasn’t sure.

After I photographed her, I took a selfie with her.

Me, Patrick Scott Barnes, receiving a kiss on the cheek by an Ebony beauty.

I didn’t expect the kiss on the cheek.

She came with three other women. I photographed her posing with them.

Usually, I tried emailing folks their pictures. I would ask them to type their email address on my cell phone.

At home, I attempted emailing folks the pics. Most emails were successful. Some weren’t. Sometimes, folks typed their address wrong. Then, the email would return to me.

Unfortunately, the cutie in this pic typed her address wrong. Or did she do that on purpose?

This picture is in the photo book Nightclub Womenz.

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